NanoMarket Self-Provisioning Guide and FAQ


This guide will walk you through provisioning your own NanoMarket. The video below will show you what you see the first time you power on your new tablet.


Self-Provisioning Flow

Step 1: Set Up Connection

  1. Choose which type of connection you want to setup.

  2. Click Next.
    365 - NanoMarket Self Provisioning.png

  3. Scan the QR code provided on the screen and complete the activation steps. Use the code provided on the device screen.
    • Please note, the activation step must be performed by the Operator. 365 Agents will be unable to create the correct populated ADM Organizations should an Agent account be used.

  4. Sign-in to your ADM Account.
    Use your ADM credentials to login to the device.

365 - NanoMarket Provisioner Login ADM.png

Step 2: Test Barcode Scanner

Scan a Market Card or your QR code in the Mobile App to test the scanner.

365 - NanoMarket Barcode Scanner test.png

Step 3: Test Card Reader

Swipe a known working magnetic stripe credit card through the reader to start the test.

365 - NanoMarket Barcode Scanner test.png

Step 4: Test Touch Screen

Follow the prompts to touch the targets and drag the sliders accordingly.

365 - NanoMarket Touchscreen test.png

Step 5: Test Connectivity

The test will automatically begin to test your device’s connectivity.

  1. Click Next when the test has completed.

  2. Click OK to continue.

NanoMarket - Connectivity test.png

Step 6: Provision Kiosk

  1. Click Start.
    365 - NanoMarket Provisioning intro.png

  2. Select where to deploy your device:
    1. Select the Org.
    2. Select the Location.
    3. If you would like to select a new location, click Create New Location.
      365 - NanoMarket Deploy.png

  3. Select whether you want to Copy an Existing Device or Create your device from a Default Template.

    If you choose Create from Device Defaults, you will skip the next screen and the New Device Information screen will display.
    365 - NanoMarket Provisioner Copy Device.png

  4. Select a Device to Copy.
    1. Choose the Org and Location where you want the copied device to be located.
    2. Select the Device.
      365 - NanoMarket Provisioner Copy Device fields.png

  5. New Device Information:
    1. Review these new settings. You can change them later in ADM if needed.
    2. Click Finish.
      365 - NanoMarket Device info.png


Step 7: Verify Network Connectivity via ADM

See instructions listed in Legacy & V5 - Network Connectivity Verification and Troubleshooting - Operator Guide.


Creating a New Location

Enter the name of the new location.

Note: You cannot use a Location Name that already exists in this Org.

365 - NanoMarket Provisioner Location.png


Copy a Location

  1. Choose an existing location to use as your template.
    365 - NanoMarket Provisioner Location Drop Down.png

  2. Enter in the information that is relevant to the new location.

    Note: These settings can be changed later in ADM  if needed.
    365 - NanoMarket Account Provisioner Fields.png

  3. Finish entering the pertinent information.

    Note: Leave the fields that are not applicable to your location blank.

    1. Click Next.
    2. Continue to the Device Copy step, shown previously and complete the process.

365 - NanoMarket Provisioner Contact fields.png



If you would like to reprovision or relocate the device:

  1. Tap on the logo in the upper, left corner five times.

  2. Enter your Driver PIN or your ADM credentials.  

  3. Click Provision Kiosk.

  4. Follow the same process as shown earlier in this document.

365 - NanoMarket Info Screen.png


Can Canteen, USConnect and other customers use this feature?

Yes. All customers will use this feature moving forward. OneMarket and other nuances will be carried over and can be set in ADM by the operator. OneMarket User Keys must be added to the Location Summary screen. USConnect Operators must contact the Implementation or Support Department to fill out the USC POSID field when their device and location have been provisioned.


Are all NanoMarkets self-provisioned?

Yes, all NanoMarkets will be self-provisioned. For new operators, 365 Implementation will create their Org and Location, however the operators will provision their devices on their own.


Can I relocate the device?

Yes. Follow the "Reprovisioning/Relocations" instructions outlined within this guide.


Can I order a large batch of NanoMarkets to keep on-hand to deploy as needed?

Yes. You can order them and self-provision them as needed. However, you must have at least one existing NanoMarket in the Org.


Does the tablet have to be online to do this?

Yes, it will prompt you to setup a connection as the first step (WiFi, Cellular or Ethernet).


How long does this take?

The entire process should take from five to ten minutes.


What information will I (the operator/driver) need?

If you are deploying the device to an existing location, no additional information is needed. However, if you are going to deploy the device to  new location, you will need the standard basic information regarding contacts, minor settings, etc. for the new location.

Note: These settings can be changed later in ADM if needed.


Can I stage it offsite?

Yes. You can stage the device back at your office or warehouse, then transport the device and re-establish the connection when it has been placed onsite.


Do I have to call to enable CC to work on my device?

No, when you provision your device the CC MID/DID is automatically set up so you will be ready to accept sales immediately.


Hey there!

I am now self-provisioned!

What does this mean? This means when you first turn on the device you will be prompted to setup a Network Connection, from here follow the on-screen prompts to deploy and provision your new device.

  1. Power On.

  2. Setup a Connection.

  3. Follow On-Screen Instructions to Provision.

  4. Go!

For a how-to video and installation guide scan the QR code below or visit the 365 HelpCenter at articles/360038528654-NanoMarket-Self-Provisioning-Guide


For additional questions about devices not yet provisioned, contact our Implementation Department at or 888-479-8803.

For additional questions about live devices, contact our Support Department at or 888-365-6282.