Test Bill Acceptor on Legacy Kiosk
  1. Tap three times in the upper left corner of the Point Of Sale screen.
    365 - Legacy Upper Left Screen Region.png
  2. Enter your PIN.
    365 - Legacy Exit Code PIN.png
  3. Select the Kiosk Settings button.
    365 - Legacy Kiosk Settings.png
  4. Enter your PIN a second time.
    365 - Legacy Exit Code Screen.png
  5. Select Bill Acceptor from the Select a Peripheral drop-down menu.
    365 - Bill Acceptor Acceptor.png
  6. Click the Test Acceptor (Take Bills)
    365 - Legacy Test Acceptor.png
  7. The Acceptor Status field will show “Insert Bill”.

    To test the bill acceptor:
    • Insert an actual bill after the Acceptor Status shows “Insert Bill”. Verify that the kiosk recognizes the denomination.

365 - Legacy Bill Acceptor Test Output Status.png