Canadian Hardware Training Guide 9-2019

Fingerprint Reader

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the fingerprint reader regularly will reduce cloudiness and the time it takes for fingerprints to be recognized. To clean the reader:

  1. Prepare a solution of warm water and diluted dish soap for cleaning the silicon surface.

  2. Dampen a rag or paper towel with the soapy water.

  3. Rub the silicon in a circular motion, and then pat the silicon dry.

  4. Scotch tape can also be used to remove any material that was left after washing the silicon.

Note: Please do not use other types of cleaning products (bleach, bleach wipes, disinfectants sprays, cleaning sprays, etc.) on the silicon surface of the reader. These products will damage the silicon surface impacting the ability of the reader to read fingerprints. 


Indications of User Damage

The most common examples of user damage are:

  • Cloudiness of the silicon
  • Partial to complete removal of the silicon
  • Deep scratches in the silicon

                Cloudy                                  Silicon removed                            Scratched

When a reader has this type of damage, the device will need to be RMA’d.

Common causes of the reader becoming cloudy:

  • Using chemicals to clean the reader.
  • Residual chemicals or substances on kiosk user’s fingers (this is common in sites where chemicals are used in the company’s daily operations).
  • Lotions and hand care products used by kiosk users.

To mitigate damage from these substances:

  • Ask kiosk users to wash their hands if they are directly working with chemicals before using the fingerprint reader.
  • Inform the people who clean the kiosk not to use any chemicals to clean the reader.

Scratches are caused by the kiosk user’s interaction with the reader. Over time this can cause part or all of the silicon surface to be removed.


Reader not Working

If the fingerprint reader is not working and the silicon is not damaged, completely power cycle the device. You can do this by either of these methods:

  1. Completely power off the kiosk, and then turn it back on.

  2. Open up the kiosk, unplug the USB plug, wait five seconds and plug the USB plug back in.
    If the reader is still not working, contact 365 Support at (888) 365-6282 for further troubleshooting.


Diabetic Users

If a kiosk user is diabetic and takes their blood sugar by sticking their fingers, they should not use the Fingerprint reader for accessing their account. Their fingerprint will not match because the reader will interpret their fingerprints as different prints due to the finger sticking.


Bill Acceptor

Cleaning and Maintenance

A can of air is the best way of keeping the Bill Acceptor clean and working properly. Keeping the scanning plates clean (see pictures below) is also necessary to ensure that the device can process bills. You can use basic or common cleaning products to clean the both the upper and lower scanning plates.

                      Front                                                      Rear


            Rear with cassette off                      Lower scanning plate removed


Dipswitches – the first three are on, the remainder are off


Best Practice and Tips

The Bill Acceptor will only work when it is prompted to accept a bill. When it is not being used, the LED light on the back will be flashing twice indicating that it is disabled from the system and working properly.

If you choose to enable the coupon programming feature at one of your sites, the video MEI VN 2512 Bill Acceptor - Coupon Programming (YouTube) is an excellent instructional guide for enabling the feature.

If the device is displaying a jam error:

  1. Disassemble the unit.

  2. In the lower scanning plate, remove and clean out the exposed areas with a can of air.

  3. If it still does not work, contact 365 Support at (888) 365-6282 for further troubleshooting.

Emptying the cassette regularly is important. If it is full, it will not be able to accept more bills.

Note: If the Canadian Government is planning on releasing new versions of bills, let 365 Retail Markets know so we can work with the Bill Acceptor supplier to get an updated firmware file that will allow the new bills to be accepted



Sleep Mode

The scanner will go into sleep mode in any location where the lights are turned off for extended periods. There are several ways to wake the scanner back up:

  1. Flash a light close to the front of the scanner.

  2. Power cycle the kiosk. When the kiosk is finished rebooting, the scanner will be awake.

To avoid having to do this, place a small light or night light near the kiosk, this will keep the scanner awake in an otherwise dark room.


                        Front                                       Rear                                        Cable             



Trouble Connecting to the Internet

If the kiosk is not connecting to the internet, check that the router is powered on and has solid/flash link light.

  • For RV110w routers – the link light is on the front of the device.

          RV110W front                                  RV110W rear                    RV110W power supply

  • For Meraki Z3 routers – the link light is on the rear of the device.                


              Meraki front                                  Meraki rear                       Meraki power supply

 If the router has a link light on, but is not connecting to the internet, check the following:

  • Is the ethernet cable connecting the kiosk to the internet damaged?
  • Is it plugged into the wall?
  • If so, is it connecting to the location’s network or to an ISP provider device?

 If it is connecting using an ISP provider:

  • Is the device powered on?
  • Has the ISP provider been contacted to see if there is an outage preventing internet access?

 If the kiosk is connected to the location’s network:

  • Has the sites IT staff been notified to see if the connection problem is something related to the location’s network?

If no issue is found on either the ISP side or the location side, contact 365 Support at (888) 365-6282 for further troubleshooting.


Resetting to Factory Settings

If you need reset the router to factory settings:

  • Press the Reset button with a paperclip or something similar for 25 to 30 seconds until:
    • the front light of Meraki router flashes
    • all the front lights of the RV110w flash


RV110W all lights Factory reset

If the router still does not reset:

  1. Press the Reset button for 25 to 30 seconds.

  2. Power off the router while still pressing the Reset button for 25 seconds.

  3. Then power the router back up while continuing to press the Reset button for 30 seconds.

  4. Quickly release the Reset button and press it again.

If the router is still not factory reset, contacted 365 Support at (888) 365-6282 for further troubleshooting.


Configuring a Kiosk Onsite

A kiosk that is connected to a network onsite that requires a static IP address and has a RV110w router, will have to be configured onsite because 365 Retail Markets cannot access the kiosk until this is done.

To configure a kiosk onsite:

  1. Obtain a laptop.

  2. Connect the laptop to the router.

  3. Bring up a web browser.

  4. Enter the following IP address: 168.11.1

  5. Enter the proper credentials.

    You can get the User Name and Password by contacting 365 Implementation at (888) 497-8803 for new installs, or 365 Support at (888) 365-6282 for existing kiosks.

  6. Open the router control panel, enter the static IP address or have the site’s IT staff enter it.

  7. Contact 365 Retail Markets to see if the kiosk is online. Remember to save the Static IP addressing information for your records.



Best Practice and Tips

If the touchscreen is not working, make sure the screen is clean. This includes the edges behind the bezel. Build-up of debris, grime, and dust can cause issues with the touchscreen. Any glass cleaning product can be used to clean the screen.    

Pinch points can also cause the touch controls to malfunction. This usually occurs after the screen has been replaced or removed and put back into the kiosk. The screen needs to be attached to the frame snuggly but not super tight.


Not Reading Fingerprints

If the touchscreen is not working and the screen has been cleaned and checked for pinch points, reset the USB connection by totally powering off the kiosk and powering it back on.

Note: The USB connect cannot be reset by just power cycling or rebooting the kiosk. It must be fully powered off and back on again. You can also open the kiosk, unplug the USB plug connected to the CPU and plug it back in.


Backlight Failed

If the backlight has failed on the touchscreen, it will look like the screen is off. Someone will need to go onsite to verify that this has occurred. To verify failure:

  • Hold a light up to the screen. If a faint monochromic image is being displayed, the screen will have to RMA’d.

           Touchscreen rear                  Touchscreen controls             Touchscreen power supply



Best Practice and Tips

When loading a roll of paper into the printer, the paper needs to be coming off the top of the roll with the thermal side facing up. If the paper is coming off the bottom of the roll, with the thermal side will be facing down, the receipts will come out blank.

If the error light is on, remove the roll of paper and clean the printer with a can of air. If the error light is still on, contact 365 Support at (888) 365-6282 for further troubleshooting.

When you plug in the power cord, remember the posts in the plug are live and if they touch a piece of metal they will arc and spark.


Printing Problems

If receipts have missing text or there is a streak of white where text should be, check the thermal printing head which are in the printer near the top of the inner compartment where the paper is loaded. Sometimes paper or other debris get lodged in this area preventing the receipts from printing completely.

If receipts are getting jammed in the printer, check the alignment of the printer and receipt slot on the XP side module. It can be adjusted either by the carriage bolts holding the printer in place or the receipt slot bolts.


               Printer front                            Printer rear                            Printer power supply