V5 Cancel Alert Operator Setup

ZBOX Device

The V5 Cancel Alert package will include a ZBOX device and an auxiliary monitor to display the successful and cancelled transactions that occur in a market. The ZBOX device will come pre-configured and will just need to be plugged into the monitor and linked to the kiosk router.


Setting Up the ZBOX Device

  1. Remove the ZBOX device from the packaging.

  2. Remove the router cover from the kiosk.

  3. Plug the ZBOX into the monitor.

  4. Run an ethernet cable from the ZBOX to the kiosk router. Zbox models that have a serial of CA300xx+ have a WiFi NIC card.

  5. Plug in the power cable to the ZBOX.

  6. Power on the monitor and ZBOX.



Digital Signage

When not displaying the successful or cancelled transactions, the V5 Cancel Alert package will be able to act as a digital signage platform. Operators will be able to set up a slideshow of on-screen communications or advertisements directly through ADM that will display on the V5 Cancel Alert when it is not in use.


Setting Up Digital Signage

  1. Log into ADM

  2. Navigate to the Location Summary page for the desired location.

  3. Go to the Signage tab at the bottom of the page.

  4. Select Add Signage Commercial.

  5. Choose from an existing file or upload a new file.

  6. If uploading a new image, the Image Size should be 1920x1080px (1080p) in either a .PNG or .JPEG format and be less than 2MB.

  7. Give the image a name and add the image to the slideshow.