EFT Disbursement Report FAQ

Q: How often does the EFT Disbursement Report Run?

A: It’s run once a week based on the Disbursement Day agreed on with 365 Finance. Most periods run from Friday through Thursday, but they can vary by operator.


Q: How do I get past data or current details?

A: By viewing the following reports: 

  • Cash Flow Details report
  • Daily Sales Summary report
  • Transaction Canned report
  • Sold Details report


Q: When did the new process start?

A: October 1, 2019.


Q: Why might I see zeros for past reports?

A: You may see zeros for past EFT: GMA Disbursement reports if no payments were made for that period or if the locations were not yet live.


Q: How do I view more granular data on the EFT: GMA Disbursement report?

A: We are adding another Download option when running the report in ADM that will include device and date level detail for the locations. This will help to provide a more detailed view into the data.