ADM - Reporting - EFT: GMA Disbursement Report


This report provides a detailed, drilled-down report with total sales, fees, taxes, and adjustments data. The drilled-down data is grouped based on orgs, location, and devices in each level. The report calculates the final amount to be disbursed for the operator after all deductions and adjustments.






1.  What are GMA Sales?

GMA stands for Global Market Account. This is the account that consumers can fund and use to makes purchases at your location.


2.  Why is Cash Funding deducted from the disbursement?

365 Retail Markets is the liability holder for the consumer account balances. The cash is funding for consumer accounts that increase these balances. When sales are made through GMA at your location, you are paid for these sales.


3.  What are adjustments and why are they deducted from the disbursement?

Adjustments are Operator Credits given to consumers. These credits could be for reimbursement for a bad purchase or for incentives to employees to use their accounts. These adjustments are deducted from the disbursement because this money is being added to consumer accounts, which increases the consumer balances.

However, another type of adjustment can be added to your disbursement report. This type of adjustment would occur if a consumer account was closed and the operator reimbursed the consumer for their balance.  


4.  When will I receive my disbursement?

The GMA disbursement is processed once a week. When you have sales over $25, you will receive an ACH deposit.


5.  Am I being charged for cash added to accounts?

No, 365 provides a full reimbursement weekly for cash added to accounts. The rebate is calculated as GMA Rate times the total amount of cash funding.


6.  What is the Loyalty Fees column?

Loyalty is a program that rewards consumers for purchases made. If loyalty is enabled for the location, all applicable GMA sales will have a 2% fee associated with them to cover the cost of the program. Check with your Sales rep to see if loyalty is right for you.


7.  What is Payroll Deduct?

Payroll Deduct is a program that allows consumers to fund their GMA account using their payroll or to complete purchases directly at the kiosk. This is controlled at each location  and is only offered when the operator requests it (not default functionality).

GMA fees applied to funds added to GMA accounts with Payroll Deduct, will be credited back to the operator at the GMA rate less two percent.


8.  Are taxes included in any calculations?

The Taxes column is not used in any calculations on this report, but it is a reference point. Sales are gross sales before taxes. It is the operator’s the responsibility to pay these taxes.


9.  What are Manual Adjustments?

If the 365 Finance team needs to adjust a disbursement for any reason, they will generate a Manual Adjustment. These adjustments can increase or decrease the total amount due based on what is being done. These values are separate from the Adjustments column, which are operator and consumer driven events.


10.  What is an EFT Batch?

Every day, 365 generates an automatic batch of all events for a location, including Sales, Funding, and Adjustments. These individual batches are compiled at the end of the weekly disbursement period for the total amount due. These batches help to accurately track all necessary data for the period and ensure that the disbursement amount is valid.


11.  Can the results of the EFT: GMA Disbursement report be exported?

Yes, by running the EFT: GMA Disbursement report in ADM, you can download a file with Device Detail and Without Device Detail. The detailed report will show a breakdown of values by device and by day.


12.  What report can I use to verify the Sales values?

The EFT Disbursement Detail report provides a complete breakdown of all transactions that comprise an individual batch. The Batch ID can be compared between the EFT Disbursement Detail report and the EFT: GMA Disbursement report.


13: How often does the EFT Disbursement Report Run?

A: It’s run once a week based on the Disbursement Day agreed on with 365 Finance. Most periods run from Friday through Thursday, but they can vary by operator.


14: How do I get past data or current details?

A: By viewing the following reports: 

  • Cash Flow Details report
  • Daily Sales Summary report
  • Transaction Canned report
  • Sold Details report


15: Why might I see zeros for past reports?

A: You may see zeros for past EFT: GMA Disbursement reports if no payments were made for that period or if the locations were not yet live.