ReadyTouch USB Scale (Ariva-S-131) - Operator Guide


This article explains the setup processes for the Ariva-S-131 food scale for Ready Touch devices. 

Although the food scale is a common item, it is not a part of every installation. It can be added to a setup after it has gone live. If the consumers are using a food scale, any food item that needs to be weighed needs to be marked as such in the product catalog.

See ADM How to Add a Scale Item for more information. 




  • Scale
  • Scale Display
  • Scale Display Seat
  • Black plastic bolts for Display Seat




  • Dimensions: (W x L x H) 2.20” x 11.0” x 12.40
  • Power: 9V DC Wall Power: Transformer for 120/220 VAC



First, identify which scale will be used for your setup. The best way to differentiate between the mini and normal scale is the ports on the back: the Ariva-S-mini has ports for PWR and COM, while the standard-sized scale has an additional DSP port.

If you are working with an Ariva-S-mini scale, follow the steps found in our ReadyTouch Serial Scale (Ariva S-mini) article.

  1. Remove the display from the T-Bar and attach it to the display seat.

  2. Using the plastic bolts, attach the display seat to the scale on the side closest to the DSP port.

  3. Connect the Scale Display cable to the DSP port on the scale.

  4. Connect the yellow Ethernet cable to the “COM” port on the scale. The other end of the yellow cable goes to the kiosk.

  5. Place the scale on a flat surface near the cash drawers.

  6. Level the scale using the telescoping legs. There is a bubble level under the scale plate.

Note: Do not use the power cable. The scale is powered by the COM to USB cable.


Zero Out the Scale

1.  Using the scale reader (shown below) plug the display DSP into the scale interface, which is located next to the power supply input.


2.  If you see U’s on the display:

  • Press the white 0 button.
  • Unplug the scale reader and then plug it back in. It should show all zeros.


3.  Do not leave any wires, items, etc. on the scale while setting it up or when attempting to zero out the scale. Any pressure on the scale will cause the scale to weigh items incorrectly.


IMPORTANT! Reboot the Scale

Unplug both the PWR and COM cables. The DSP must remain plugged in. Give the scale a few seconds to start up. The scale should display 0.00 when it is ready.

It is very important that the display is plugged into the proper port on the scale FIRST, and THEN the USB and the wall power are connected,

The USB is a secondary source of power. If the display is plugged in after the power source, the display will not work because the scale already has some power. The same goes for recycling power to the scale. Unplug both the wall plug AND the USB, not just the wall plug.


How to Add a Scale Item

If your product already exists in the database

  1. Click the Product tab in ADM.

  2. Select Global Products from the drop-down menu.

  3. Use the Search field to find the product.

  4. Click on the desired product.

  5. In the Unit of Measure field, choose either EACH or POUND.


  6.  In the Weigh field, choose Yes.

  7. Add the tare weight of your container. The default unit of measure is Pound. Enter the weight in decimal converted from oz. to lb.

  8. Click Save.

  9. Go to the Location tab.

  10. Choose your location.

  11. Click the orange Update Prices button to make your changes immediately available on the kiosk.



If your product does NOT exist in the database

  1. Go back to the Product tab in ADM.

  2. Select Global Products from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click the Create New button on the right.

  4. Complete the following fields:
  • Name
  • Short name
  • Category 1
  • Tax Category – choose Taxable
  • Scancode
  • Price
  1. Click Save and Extend. The Extend Product to Selected Location(s) pop-up window will display.

  2. Click Save and Done.

  3. Follow steps one through eight in the If your product already exists in the database section.


How to Troubleshoot the Scale

1. Are the cables plugged in correctly?

  • Plug the end of the cable, with Scale (DSP) on the tag, into the DSP port on the scale.
  • Plug the end of the cable, with Display (Back) on the tag, into the display on the back of the display.
  • If you are using the long four-meter cable for the tower display, plug the end of the cable with Display (Bottom), into the display port on the bottom of the display.


2. Did you unplug the power if nothing is showing on the scale's display?

  • Unplug the power AND the communication cables to power down the scale completely. Leave the display plugged in.
  • Reconnect the power and communication cables.