Panoptyc Marketing FAQ 10-2020

Q: How does Panoptyc work?

A: Panoptyc uses a combination of machine learning, data analysis, and human viewing to catch theft, monitor markets, and save operators time watching footage.


Q: What’s the pitch?

A: You know that theft is a problem at MicroMarkets. But how do you catch it? Through countless hours of footage and kiosk analysis, Panoptyc found that most of the theft occurring at MicroMarkets happens through the Cancel report. Consumers walk up, press some buttons and it looks like they paid when they really just walk out with the items.

Panoptyc uses 365’s existing technology, and their proprietary machine learning technology, to find the most suspicious behavior at markets and deliver daily reports to operators. The reports outline the:

  • Suspicious behavior (including photos)
  • Time and date of each suspicious transaction
  • Frequency of suspicious behavior for each consumer

This allows operators to focus on the repeat offenders. They can catch much more theft in a fraction of the time.


Q: Who should work with Panoptyc?

A: Any operator who cares about reducing theft! Panoptyc will make them exponentially more efficient, saving them time and enabling them to combat theft. Operators work with Panoptyc for the following reasons as well:

  • They know they could sell more MM locations, but still hear the "theft objection" from cautious customers.
  • They know employees are stealing but are frustrated that it's hard to catch and prove.
  • They do not have the people or time to review DVR footage to catch.
  • They are frustrated that theft is still an issue despite the amount of resources and time they devote to loss.


Q: What are the technical requirements of working with Panoptyc?

A: In order to be eligible for Panoptyc, operators must:

  • Run 365 MicroMarkets
  • Have theft
  • Use SmartHQ or ADM

Q: How can I receive a free market consultation?

A: Yes, if you are a 365 customer with SmartHQ or ADM, Panoptyc has you covered. Contact Panoptyc at!


Q: How can I purchase Panoptyc?

A: You can buy Panoptyc on their website at Choose the package and number of locations you want. We recommend the self-service package, the Theft Assistant Software. After you sign up, you will begin receiving weekly reports of suspicious activity from your locations.


Q: Which kiosk does Panoptyc work with?

A: Panoptyc integrates with all 365 Retail Markets Kiosks with SmartHQ and ADM software.


Q: How much does Panoptyc cost?

A: Pricing varies by service, but pricing is per month/per location where this software product is enabled. Panoptyc hardware is sold separately and each package is purchased separately.

  • Panoptyc’s Theft Assistant Software is $20 per month/per location.
  • Panoptyc’s full-service solution, Market Detective Software is $90 per month/per location.
  • Panoptyc’s Market Viewer device is a one-time only fee of $225.99, but the price may vary depending on your order.


Q: How does the full-service solution work?

A: Panoptyc’s Market Detective makes the loss prevention process easy through comprehensive theft dossiers with video and data proof of theft. Panoptyc uses a combination of machine learning, data analysis, and human viewing at your locations to cut down operator shrink significantly with a focus on frequent offenders. Panoptyc’s system provides a comprehensive solution to monitor and measure theft at your location every day.


Q: What if I have locations that cannot be viewed remotely?

A: Panoptyc has the solution for you. Panoptyc is building hardware that leverages the latest networking technologies to allow operators to remotely view previously inaccessible locations. Panoptyc’s Market Viewer takes care of remote viewing and connectivity issues affecting your locations. It also alleviates many time-consuming aspects of footage extraction such as DVR Swaps and USB drive extraction.


Q: What are you building next?

A: Panoptyc is working on the Market Viewer to enable remote viewing at previously remotely inaccessible locations. Panoptyc is also building additional machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions that will allow operators to catch much more theft.


Q: How can I learn more?

A: Visit Panoptyc’s website at . If you have any questions, please contact us at or through the Contact Us form on our website.


Q: How does Panoptyc integrate with March Networks?

A: Panoptyc also offers the March Networks/V5 integration which allows 365 customers with a March Network and V5 software to enable text overlay and other loss preventative features.

Please contact us at to learn more about the integration.