ADM V5 and RT Scheduled Device Reboot


For V5 and ReadyTouch devices, we have added a manual reboot and an automatic reboot option on the Device Summary page in ADM. If a kiosk is online and you select the Reboot button, the kiosk will remotely reboot itself.

To setup an automatic reboot

  1. Sign into ADM.

  2. Select your ORG and location.

  3. Choose a device.

  4. In the Scheduled Reboot drop-down menu, select Yes. The Scheduled Reboot fields are under Location information on the top left of the page.

365 - ADM Scheduled reboot field.png

5. Select a specific day and time (in 24 hour format) for the reboot. When the selected day and time occurs, the device will reboot as soon as it is in the idle state.

6.  Click SAVE.