V5 Email Domain

The V5 kiosk can display a standard email domain to make entering email addresses easier when creating or logging into an account or getting an emailed receipt. The V5 can support one standard domain and when in use, it will take the place of the current .com button on the various keyboards throughout the UI. To setup an email domain, follow the steps below.

  1. On ADM, go to the Location Summary page.

  2. In the Domain field, enter a domain, such as

    365 - ADM V5 Email address domain example.png

  3. Select Update Prices & Full Sync on the Location Summary page.

  4. The keyboard on the V5 will now display the email domain as shown below.

Note: The text size of the domain will shrink to fit into the pre-defined space of the button.

365 - Example v5 kiosk email shown.png