365Pay App - Account Closures


A consumer can initiate refund scenarios by contacting the operator directly. The outline below details these various scenarios and what the consumer, the branch, and 365 will need to do to complete the refund or close the account.

See the V5 - Refunds and Account Closures and Legacy - Refunds and Account Closures articles for further information. 


365Pay App Closing Accounts

If a consumer wants to close their account, they should:

  1. Go to Settings on the Home screen of the app. (Bottom right corner).

  2. Select Help. Scroll down to Contact Us at the bottom.

  3. Enter the Support Email address in the Contact Us field to request that 365 Support close their account.

  4. 365 Support will pay out and close the account and notify the branch admin.

  5. 365 will credit the funds from the Payout and Close to the branch in their GMA Disbursement. The branch admin must return the funds to the consumer.