QuickCharge Interface User Guide


365 Retail Markets now offers a seamless integration with MMHayes QuickCharge. QuickCharge is a cashless payment option supporting both payroll deduction and stored value payment methods.

Using RFID technology, QuickCharge issues small key fobs or adapts to the use of existing employee badges that consumers tap against the RFID readers to identify themselves.

For more information on how QuickCharge manages payroll deduction or stored value accounts contact:

Sean McGarvey - Director, Product Development
M.M. Hayes Co., Inc.
The Sage Estate | Albany, NY 12204
Office: (518) 459-5545



$35 per month, per kiosk. This is the ongoing monthly subscription fee to maintain interface service and support.



There are two common models of RFID readers. Operators must work with the host location to determine which reader is needed to read the client key fobs or employee badges.

  • Low Frequency – Model # RDR-6081AKU-78X
  • High Frequency – Model # RDR-7581AKU-78X

For new installations, operators must provide 365 with:

  • A sample card unique to the host location for pre-deployment testing.
  • The RFID reader model number.


Operational Changes

To avoid confusion at the kiosk, 365 only supports one Account tender at a time. This is in addition to the optional tenders of Credit and Cash. When deploying the QuickCharge interface to a new market, the only active Account tender will be QuickCharge.

When deploying the interface to an existing market that is already using 365 stored value accounts, it is important to remember that when the QuickCharge Account tender is enabled, the standard 365 stored value Account will become disabled.

On the cutover date, 365 can provide an account export of all existing consumers and balances. It is the operator’s responsibility to determine how the balances will be refunded. For stored value deployments, 365 can work with QuickCharge to have any outstanding 365 account balances credited as QuickCharge balances. There may be an additional fee for moving consumers and balances over.


QuickCharge Tender

Paying with your QuickCharge account is very similar to the standard 365 payment methods.

  1. Scan product(s) on the kiosk.

  2. Select the Account button.

  3. Scan your QuickCharge RFID card or employee badge.

A sticker is included with your RFID reader to indicate the proper location to scan the card.

  1. Complete the transaction.




365 provides ongoing support of the QuickCharge interface from the 365 kiosk. 365 does NOT support consumers with questions regarding their balance or account status. In environments where QuickCharge is employed, 365 Support can only confirm or troubleshoot that the interface to QuickCharge is working as expected. Any additional questions from clients and their employees should be directed to QuickCharge at 1-800-348-5545.



How does this change 365 stored value accounts?

When QuickCharge is enabled at a kiosk, it replaces the 365 stored value account system. Consumers have the ability to pay with credit cards, cash or QuickCharge only.


How are Operators reimbursed for QuickCharge purchases?

Operators will need to negotiate a workflow with their clients to collect payment for QuickCharge purchases. 365 Retail Markets does not collect, nor disburse QuickCharge funds.


For stored value deployments, can I fund my QuickCharge account through the kiosk?

No, the 365 kiosk does not support funding QuickCharge accounts through the interface.


Can I still pay with my credit card?

Yes, the credit tender functionality does not change for a QuickCharge deployment.


Can I still pay with cash?

Yes, the Cash-Coin kiosk can be configured to accept cash, credit and QuickCharge simultaneously.


Can I add QuickCharge to a market that is already open?

Yes, but remember that when the QuickCharge tender is enabled, the 365 stored value account tender will become inactive. It is the operator’s responsibility to refund any outstanding balances to MicroMarket consumers or coordinate with QuickCharge and 365 to transfer balances over to QuickCharge.


Will my SmartHQ reports change?

No, your SmartHQ reports will continue to report QuickCharge transactions as Account transactions.


Will I still manage the MicroMarket consumer accounts through SmartHQ?

No, when the QuickCharge interface is enabled, all consumer accounts will be managed through QuickCharge. Any consumer service adjustments (manual account credits, debits) will need to be performed through QuickCharge.