ADM - How to Add Item-Level Product Buttons


An operator may need to create menus that include miscellaneous item buttons. This Item-level selection is for creating a button that links to one individual item.

The process described in this article allow you to set up item-level buttons that allow items to be put directly into the cart. 

For information on other Menu options, please see the article ADM - Setting Up Menus / Item Buttons.


Available Devices 

  • V5
  • ReadyTouch
  • NanoMarket


Available Menu Types

  • MicroMarket Menu List
  • Tablet Service Menu List
  • ReadyTouch Self Service List


Creating a Menu with Item-Level Product Buttons

  1. Log into ADM.

  2. Click the Menu tab.

  3. Select the desired service from the drop-down menu. Any menu type other than Static Menus will support Item-level product buttons. 

    ADM - Main Menu - Menu - Self Service highlighted
  4. The Menu List screen will display. Click the drop-down menu next to the Create New button to choose the location where you are creating the menu.

  5. Click the blue Create New button at the upper, right corner of the screen.

  6. Give your menu a name. This is to indicate what this menu is used for (for example: "Breakfast")

  7. Choose the days of the week you want your menu to display.

  8. Choose the times you want your menu to display. Be sure the start and end times do not overlap with the start and end times for any existing menus. Menu times are reported using a 24-hour clock.

  9. Click the Add Item button option. 

  10. The product database for the location will now display. Click on the item that you want to turn into a button. You may only choose one at a time. 

  11. Click Add.

  12. If desired, give the button a name. This name will be visible to the customers on the kiosk screen. If you do not add a name here, it will default to the product name.

  13. Click Add.

  14. Your item will now be part of the menu.

  15. Continue to add more Item buttons as needed.

  16. Click Save to keep the item(s) as part of the menu.
    NOTE: You will have the option to delete an item from the menu only after you save the menu.

  17. Go to the Location Summary page and click Update Prices and Full sync for the menu to be applied to the kiosk immediately.


Consumer View

Item Level buttons will have a plus (+) sign in the lower right corner. When an item button is tapped, the product will automatically be added to the consumer's cart.

For devices on the V5 platform, the following will be displayed:


For Dinging devices, the following will be displayed: 

Dining - Consumer View - Item Level Buttons.png