March Networks Customer Installation Guide



Welcome, 365 Retail Markets is pleased to offer you an intelligent IP video surveillance system. Our NVR camera steps away from standard analog cameras and toward IP cameras with the 8000 series NVR recorder which contain a variety of basic and advanced features.

We are fully committed to supporting you and your new NVR system. If at any time you require assistance, please contact our Implementation or Support Teams!






This guide is designed to serve as a general guide for the 8716 P Hybrid Recorder. Follow all the installation steps in the 8716 P NVR IG-12-2016 Installation Guide below to be sure that you will be compliant with all regulations.

There are three guides that you need to download for March Networks Customer Installation:


Network Requirements

Port Number



PuTTy NVR access for remote support

All outbound UDP Traffic

Required for NAT Traversal


Outbound – Traffic communication between router and CES Server


Outbound -  Traffic communication between router and CES Server



Application Requirements

You need to have the three applications listed below installed on your computer before proceeding with these instructions. If you do not have administrator rights to your PC, please work with your local IT to get these applications installed before proceeding.

The three required files can be downloaded here.

  • Admin Console
  • Command Client
  • PuTTy


Scheduling Training

To schedule March Networks training, please contact our Implementation team at 888-497-8803 or to receive Intro to March Network webinar training.  


Unboxing Equipment

Unbox and keep all packaging from your equipment. You will find the following three devices:

  • NVR – 8716P
  • Dome Camera – ME4 Discreet Dome
  • 360/Fisheye Camera – OnCam 360


Physical Connections


Step 1: Using the image above, complete the following connections:

  1. Connect the power supply.

  2. Connect the OnCam 360 IP camera to port 1.

  3. Connect the ME4 Discreet Dome IP camera to port 3.

  4. Be sure the ethernet jumper cable is installed between the 0/1 camera port and camera loopback port.

  5. Connect the 0/0 Network Port to the customer network switch.

  6. Install the green connectors provided to the green figure. (This may be needed in the future.)

Step 2:  To complete connectivity of the NVR/camera system to the 365 CES Server, contact 365 Implementation at 888-497-8803 or