365Pay App - Adding Payment Methods & Funding Accounts


This article explains how to add funds to a 365Pay App account using various payment methods and funding accounts. 

Note: Consumers can create an account on their app/ before going to a kiosk. HOWEVER, they must associate their account to a kiosk (home location) before they will be able to fund their account. This is because 365 needs to know the account to which the ORG should be assigned.


Supported Payment Methods

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Payroll deduct
  • Stripe


Add Payment Method

To add funds to an account, the consumer must have a payment method setup on their account.

  1. To set up a payment method, the consumer should go to the side menu of the app and select Payment Methods.

  2. The Payment Methods page will show the pre-existing funding sources. Consumers can add new or additional sources by selecting the + sign in the top right corner.
    • Note: You may only attempt to add a card 8 times per day and a total of 12 times per month, per account.
      365Pay - Payment methods
      The Add Card fields are from a U.S. based account in the image above.


Add Funds

The consumer can add funds when they have funding methods available on their account.

  1. To add funds, they should select the Fund Account button on the Home page of the app.

  2. The consumer will be presented with two different options: Auto Funding and Fund.

    • Auto Funding allows a consumer to have their account automatically funded from their payment method when their account reaches a predetermined threshold. For example, Auto Funding can be setup to add $15 to the account when the balance reaches $5.

    • Fund allows the consumer to fund their account in a one-off manner, so they can control when and how much they are funding.

      365Pay - Account funding