365Pay - Setup Banking Information in ADM

Add Account Information

  1. Open ADM and click on the Admin tab.

  2. Click Banking Information from the drop-down menu.

  3. On the Banking Information page, there are several sections where you can add information to the following:
    1. Business Entity – click the Pen in the upper, right corner of the section. Add your information and click Save.

    2. Account Representative – click the Add Person button and the following window will display. Add your information and click Add.

    3. Bank account – click the Add Bank Account button and the following window will display. Add your information and click Add.

    4. Click the following two buttons under Banking Info:
      • Confirm Owners Added
      • Confirm Directors Added


All the information will be routed directly to the processor.

Information is filled out only one time per organization and will apply to all ADM locations in that org.

Note: After submitting the information, return to the page in a few days to confirm that nothing else is required. If additional information is required, it will be noted on the page. (You will not be notified.)

      • Each Representative or owner will have to submit verification documents.
      • Accepted documents vary by country, however a passport scan is preferred.
      • Both the front and back is usually required for government issued ID’s and driver’s licenses.
      • All files must be in JPEG or PNG and smaller than 8M. PDF format will not be accepted!
      • All files should be in color, rotated with the image right side up.
      • All information should be clearly legible.

Note: This information will only be sent to the processor for verification and is not stored by 365.


Processor Payout

The payout schedule occurs daily, on a seven-day rolling basis. It is automatically deposited directly into the customer’s account less any fees.

To review and confirm accurate payouts, operators can view Recent Payouts from ADM. To find this information:

  1. Click on the Admin tab in ADM.

  2. Select Banking Information from the drop-down menu.