ADM - Configuring & Planning Lightspeed Picklists



365 has integrated the powerful pick-to-light system, Lightspeed, that allows for high-speed order processing in ADM. Like SmartHQ, ADM has a pick list function that controls the Lightspeed ordering system.

The purpose of this guide is to demonstrate how to set up and operate the Lightspeed picklist ordering system on the 365 ADM platform.


Purchasing Lightspeed

Any new 365 customer who wants to use the 365 Lightspeed integration with ADM must specify that with their order. The customer will be charged a standard setup fee. Existing customers who have already paid the setup fee for Gen2 locations and want to use integration for the ADM system, will NOT be charged a second time.


Prerequisites to Ordering

There are a couple of things that need to be set up in ADM before creating the first order.

  1. In the Organization settings, the 'Has Lightspeed' field has been set to yes by a 365 admin
  2. Set up your Routes.
  3. Make sure your Products have User Keys (this is equivalent to the Product ID in Gen2).


Setting up Routes

To help the operator be more efficient in coordinating their routes, 365 lets the operator assign a route to a location in ADM. Here are the steps for setting routes in ADM.

  1. Click the Admin tab.
  2. Click Routes. The Routes grid displays.
  3. Click Create New on the Routes screen.
  4. Fill out the form:
  • Enter the Name of the route (e.g., William's Route).
  • The Description field is optional. This is a numeric only field
  • Select a Driver from the drop-down menu
  • The Seqnbr field is auto-populated
  • Click the Active checkmark to toggle the route active or inactive.
  • Click Save
  • The Routes screen displays again showing the new route.
  • Go to the Location Summary screen and find the location where you want to set a route. The Location Summary screen for that location will display.
  • Click the blue banner under the Location Summary heading to display the Info section.
  • Click the Route drop-down menu on the right side
  • Click on the route your just added in steps three, four and five.

    Setting up Product User Keys

    User Keys are used as the unique identifier on orders placed using the Pick List. User Keys are equivalent to Product IDs in Gen2. All items intended to be picked using Lightspeed MUST have a User Key assigned that is unique within the Org. You can manually enter User Keys from the Product Summary screen.

    1. Click the Product tab in ADM.
    2. Select Global Products from the drop-down menu. The Global Products screen displays.
    3. Click in the row of the product where you want to add the User Key. The Product Summary screen displays for the selected product.
    4. Enter the User Key in the Userkey field on the right.
    5. Click Save.
    6. Click Extend at the bottom of the screen. The Extend Product to Location(s) window displays.
    7. Select the location(s) where you want this product to be available.
    8. Click Save. The new location is displayed in the Locations section of the Product Summary screen.

    Again, each product in an Org must have a unique User Key. You can also use the ADM Loader and enter all the User Keys on the Product Import spreadsheet.


    Using the Pick List with LightSpeed

    When you have your routes and products set up correctly, you can start using the Pick List to create orders.

    1. Click the Products tab on the Menu bar in ADM.
    2. Select Pick Lists from the drop-down menu. The Pick List Manager screen will display.
    3. Select one or more locations in the Locations tab on the left side.
    4. Click APPLY. The Filtered Locations grid will display.
    5. Select one or more locations in the Filtered Locations
    6. Click the Plan Pick List(s) button on the right side of the screen. The Pick List screen will display.
      On the Pick List screen, you will see all your products that need to be picked and the following four buttons along the top right corner:
    • Manage Columns: Allows you to choose the columns you want to display in the grid.
    • Add Products: Allows you to add products to the Pick List.
    • History: Displays a history of the Pick List orders.
    • Refresh: Displays the most up-to-date Pick List based on current inventory numbers
  • In the Need column on the far right, enter the number that you need to meet the Max level of inventory for that item. Repeat for all items that need to be replenished. When you see a column with blue numbers, like those in the Need column, it indicates that those numbers can be changed.
  • To the right of the Need column is a garbage can icon. Select it to temporarily remove any items from the Pick List that you do not intend to include in your order.
  • When you have your Order ready, click the Send to Lightspeed button on the far right to create the order and make it available for access in the Lightspeed system. When you click this button, your Pick List will become read-only until the order has been completed.
  • When the order is complete, the inventory numbers will be updated in ADM based on the quantity of each item picked. You can now create your next order for that location.