AVLive - Reports - Key Operational Metrics Report


This report is intended to give you a snapshot of key performance indicators across your machine base.


Set Machine Benchmarks

The Benchmarks set at the Company level are used to group your machines based on sales rates and target goals. These values can be customized to whatever values best fit the performance of your machines.


  1. Click on the My Company drop-down menu.

  2. Select Company Info.

  3. Select the Benchmarks tab.

  4. Min of 'A' Group: The minimum sales per month that would qualify a machine to become an 'A' Performer machine

  5. Max of 'C' Group: The maximum sales per month that would get the lowest performing 'C' machines bumped up to a 'B' level
    • (Everything between max of 'C' and minimum of 'A' will be considered 'B'.)

  6. Target Vends/day

  7. Target Margin Percentage



Key Operational Metrics

Reports dropdown Analysis Key Operational Metrics.PNG

  1. Click on the Reports drop-down menu.

  2. Expand the Analysis section.

  3. Select the Key Operational Metrics report.

  4. From the filter, select which year you would like to view.

  5. Select which month or select YTD (Year-to-date).

  6. Select which machines to view or click Select All.

  7. Click Preview.


Key Operational Metrics.PNG

Key Operational Metrics Continued.PNG


Report Elements

  1. Benchmark Variables: The Benchmarks we set at the top of this document. This determines the group the machine belongs to and can be seen by the corresponding color in the 'Sales Rank' column

  2. Sales Rank: orders your machines by top performers in sales

  3. Total Units Sold: total number of individual products sold

  4. Total Transactions: number of transactions, which could contain more than one product sold (e.g. One customer in a single transaction vends multiple items)

  5. Total Credit Card Sales: total sales from cashless payment

  6. Gross Sales: total sales dollar amount

  7. Total Product Costs (COGS): total hard costs of products sold

  8. GMD: Gross Margin as Dollar

  9. GMP: Gross Margin as Percentage

  10. % To Target: Percentage above/below your target margin percentage

  11. Avg Vends/Day: Average number of vends per day

  12. Avg Vends/Wk: Average number of vends per week

  13. Target: Number of vends above/below target vends/day benchmark

  14. UPT: Number of Units sold Per Transaction

  15. ASP: Average Selling Price

  16. CC % of Sales: Credit card sales as a percentage of overall sales