Verizon Signal Strength Guide

Verizon Signal Strength

With the new changes to NEAT you may have noticed the Signal Strength icon on your My Machines list.  This icon lets you know the current cell signal strength at your machines.  But, you may now have more questions than before about the signal strength at some of your locations.

Green Dot - your AirVend has a strong signal strength.

Yellow Dot - your location has a weaker signal and you should monitor it. The AirVend may still function properly with a yellow icon, but it does have a weaker signal and could have issues. Try using a credit card to purchase an item at your machine to make sure that the AirVend is able to connect and authorize the transaction.  If it is unable to authorize a transaction, there are a few ways to improve signal strength. (See article below.)

Red Dot - your AirVend is offline.


Signal Strength Numbers

50-75 = Very Good (4 bars)
76-85 = OK (2 -to -3 bars)
86-99 =  Poor Signal, but may still work OK. (1 bar / YELLOW status icon in AV Live)
100-119 = Very Poor Signal