AirVend Hierarchies


This document will describe how to organize your AirVend business into a hierarchy.


Basics of the Hierarchy

A hierarchy is divided into groups on different Levels. It is meant to be a simple way for you to arrange your business on AVLive and allow access to portions of your account for those who need it. For this example, lets say your company is divided into two Areas which each include two routes.  

Areas - East, West

East Area - Route 1, Route 2

West Area - Route 3, Route 4


Access Hierarchy

My Company Dropdown Hierarchies.png

To access your hierarchy:

1. Click on the My Company drop-down menu.

2. Select Hierarchies.


Create Groups

Create Groupy.png

To create a group:

1. Select + Create Group.

2. Enter the name of your group.

3. Specify which level it is on. In this step you are creating a new group and naming its new level.

4. Click on Update. Your new group will display in your list.

Group level.PNG


Level Info


After you have created your Areas, you should see a complete list of the Areas. At the top, it specifies what list you are viewing: AREAS.


Manage a Group


To access and view a group, click on the group name. You can add sub groups by clicking on + Create Group. Just as you did earlier in this article, you will need to name this new group and level.


Assign Machines

Add Machines.PNG

From your lowest level:

1. Click on Add Machine to assign particular machines to a group. A list of all your machines will display.

2. Check the boxes next to the machines you want to add to your group.

3. Select Add Machines.


Manage Levels


If you select Manage Levels you can see exactly how your hierarchy is organized. Under the main Root directory are the Areas and under the Areas are the Routes.



For a quick recap, check out our instructional video - Creating Hierarchy (4:35):