AirVend Email Scheduler


A new feature has been added that allows operators to create and manage reports that will be sent daily or weekly. The available reports that can be scheduled include:
  • Refill to Par
  • Refill by Sales
  • Sales by Machine
  • Total Sales
The reports can be sent to one or multiple email addresses.


Setup Report schedule:

1.  Go to the My Company section in AV Live.

2.  Select the Email Reports.

3.  Click the +Create New button.

4.  Select a report from the Report drop-down menu.

5.  Select a user from the Hierarchy User drop-down menu. (If hierarchies are setup, this field will filter the machines based on hierarchy.)

6.  Select a Frequency.

7.  Select a Start Date and Hour.
8.  Add an email or multiple emails where the reports to be sent. To create a new email:
a. Enter the email address in the Send To field.
b. Select the Add new email button.
     c. Select the email addresses from the drop-down menu where the reports will be sent.
9.  Click the Create button to create the report schedule.

10.  The schedule will display in the Email Reports list.