AirVend Live Action Button


Actions Menu

If you select a machine, you will notice the Actions menu light up in the top, right corner of your My Machines view.


What the Actions do

The actions help you manage your machine remotely. The menu is divided into three submenus;

  1. Commands
  2. Dex
  3. Go To


1. Commands 

You can use the remote commands to directly manage your device. These include sending a reboot*, ping, or swapping the device ID with another machine.



2. Dex 

This submenu allows you to send Dex upload commands and view existing Dex uploads. To use Dex, it must be enabled at the machine level and the device's Dex cable must be plugged into the vending machine board. You may contact 365 Support at (888) 365-6282 for more information on setting this up.



3. Go To

You can use this submenu for site navigation. You can view the Contact Forms, Ping History, and Orders processed for the selected machine.



*The reboot command will be held in queue until the AirVend connects to the internet. Often, with a weak connection, the AirVend device may not stay connected well enough to make regular scheduled pings to our server, but it may still have an intermittent connection, going in and out. As soon as the AirVend connects, even for a short time, the command will prompt the AirVend to reboot, hopefully helping it to connect more fully to the network.