AirVend NFC and Samsung Pay

Overview of NFC

Apple Pay (NFC) can be a challenge because it depends on the hardware version of your AirVend unit as to whether it will work. There are three configurations. You should be able to determine where the Apple Pay (NFC) chip is with the information below.

1. AV5 or 5 inch screen - Chip is located at the bottom, in the middle on the front of the screen.


2. AV7 Yellow cable - Chip is located about an inch and a half above the camera on the right side of the screen, just left of the card swipe.


3. AV7 Black cable - Chip is located on the left side of the touch screen about an inch from the top.



Confirm NFC is working

You can confirm if the NFC chip (Apple Pay) is working by clicking Contact Us and then the wrench icon. Under the login option there will be some check boxes. If the NFC checkbox is checked, then NFC should be working.


If the NFC checkbox is checked and Apple Pay app is functioning correctly, then the problem is where the consumer is holding the phone*. The AirVend unit uses power from the vending machine and you do not get a lot of power from the vending machine. To have Apple Pay (NFC) working all the time, it needs to be very low power. Consumers will need to be very specific about where they hold their phones.

*Note: There are some limitations with NFC. Google Pay is not supported but will sometimes work. Some cards do not work with Samsung Pay and Apple Pay. PayPal does not work at all.