Activating your AirVend/PicoVend

Activating Your AirVend/PicoVend and Linking it to Your Account

1. Power on the AirVend.


2. When you have connected the AirVend to your vending machine, it will power on and the Welcome screen will display. You will see it attempting to connect to the wireless network.


No Connection


3. If your unit is unable to establish a wireless connection, it will display the screen shown above. Click the reboot button at the bottom of the screen. Give the AirVend time to reboot and attempt to establish a connection again. It is common for the AirVend to need to be rebooted several times in a new location to locate and connect to a wireless signal.


Connection Working


4. When the AirVend has established a connection, it will display the message "Internet Connection is Working!". It will prompt you to login. Use the same user name and password you use to login to your account online.


Linking AirVend


5. After logging in, you can either link your device to an existing machine in your company or create a new machine from the device.


To Link to an Existing Machine

Click on the Machine drop-down menu and select the desired machine. Machines displayed in this list are machines you have already created in AV Live that do not have a device linked to them.

Machine list.PNG


6. Click Continue.


Creating a Machine

7. To create a new machine from the device, click the Create Machine option.


8. The Name field is required. A Machine Number may also be entered if you want to use it for machine tracking. 

Machine Number.PNG

9. Click OK.

10. The newly created machine will appear in your Machines List in AV Live. If you entered a Machine Number, it will be populated in the Customer Machine Number field in the Machine's Info tab.




11. The AirVend will go to the main screen and begin downloading the planogram! This process may take a few minutes.