AirVend Wireless Connection Status

Why is my AirVend Device Status (WiFi symbol) Icon Yellow or Red?

The Device Status measures the signal strength.


You can see the Device Status column icons located to the left of your machine name.  It can be one of four colors: Red, Yellow, Green or Blue.


Red Icon


A red icon means that your AirVend unit is not connected to the internet. If you hover your cursor above a red icon, you will see the last time the AirVend unit connected to the internet and the signal strength it had. 


Yellow Icon


A yellow Icon means that your AirVend unit has a weaker connection to the internet. To give some perspective, a good internet connection will report a signal strength number in the 70s or below.  A signal strength number in the 80s is a weaker signal, and typically anything 90 and above is poor.  A yellow Icon means your AirVend is connected, but has a signal strength number weaker than 85.

If you hover your cursor over the yellow Icon, you will see a note that shows the most recent time the AirVend connected to the internet, and your signal strength number.

Note: An AirVend showing a yellow Icon IS still connected to the internet.  This may not be cause for alarm.  If your yellow Icon does not display a signal strength number, then your AirVend is not equipped with signal strength diagnostics. Your AirVend may be just fine. Test it with a card swipe to see how it works.


Green Icon


A green Icon means your AirVend is connected to an internet connection and has a good signal strength number. You can see the last time your AirVend connected and the signal strength number if you hover your cursor over the green icon.


Blue Icon


A blue Icon means your AirVend is connected through a WiFi network.   


AirVend Screen

You can also find the Signal Strength Number in the top, right corner of your AirVend screen. It displays as a faint string of numbers. The last number to the right is the Signal Strength Number. AirVend3.png