AVLive - Reports - Failed Vend Notifications Report


AVLive has a feature called the Failed Vend Notification. It allows Operators to be notified when a failed vend occurs. As with inventory and offline notifications, Operators can set up notifications to go to their email and/or SMS notifications. In addition to notifications, a new report has been added and additional notifications and alerts in AV Live.


Setup Notifications for User

  1. Go to the Users section in AV Live.

  2. Edit the user that you want to add the Failed Vend notification.

  3. Under the Events subcategory, select the following:
    • Email Notifications ->Notify of Failed Vend - This will send an email notification to the user’s email address when a failed vend occurs.
    • SMS Notifications->Notify of Failed Vend - This will send a text message to the user’s phone when a failed vend occurs.


Failed Vend Report

  1. Go to Reports.

  2. View the Failed Vends report.

  3. The report will include the Machine, Bin #, Product Name and the Date of the failed vend.


Inventory Screen

  1. An alert will be added to the Inventory screen when a failed vend occurs. The alert will be a red triangle with a white exclamation point inside. When you hover over the icon, a message will be displayed indicating that a product failed to vend.

  2. When a failed vend occurs, it will not be deducted from the On Hand Quantity, which will keep the inventory accurate.

  3. When par has been reset, the alerts will also be reset.


Additional Reporting Alerts

In addition to the Failed Vend reports, alerts may be present on other reports where inventory will be affected by the failed vends. A failed vend alert will be indicated by a red triangle.