AirVend Notifications


You can now receive notifications about the status of your machines directly to your personal email or phone by SMS text.


Setting Up Notifications

You will need to verify that your phone number and email are set correctly so that you will receive the notifications.

To verify or change your phone number or email, review your user's contact information: 

  1. Click on My Company in the Menu bar.
    My Company Dropdown Users.png
  2. Select Users from the drop-down menu.

  3. Click Edit. The User Settings screen displays.

  4. Edit your contact information as needed.

  5. Check the notifications you would like to receive, and how you would like to receive them.  
    Notifications settings.PNG
  6. Click Save at the bottom of the screen.

User form.PNG


The Notifications you will Receive

  1. Click on My Company in the Menu bar.
    My Company Dropdown Company Info.png
  2. Select Company Info from the drop-down menu.

  3.  Find the Time Before Offline Status setting in the Info tab.

  4. Find the settings for machine capacity in the Low Inventory Threshold tab.

    IMPORTANT:  When you adjust these settings at the company level, the changes will NOT reflect on your existing machines. Changing the settings at the company level will mean that any machines you create going forward will inherit the settings. For existing machines, you will need to adjust the individual machine settings.

5. Click on Edit Machine, select Communication.


Time Before Offline Status

Company time b4 offline.png

You can receive a notification that a machine has gone offline. You can set how long (in hours) a machine must be offline for you to receive a notification.


Low Inventory Threshold

Low Inventory Threshold.PNG

You will receive a notification when a machine's inventory is low. You can set it to notify you if the following two things happen:

  1. The machine reaches a specified number of empty bins. You can set the number of empty bins it must reach for you to receive a notification.  

  2. The whole machine vends a percentage of the total product. You can set the percentage it must reach for you to receive a notification.