AirVend Authorization Amount and Credit Card Hold FAQ

What is an authorization amount?

The authorization amount is the amount of money your AirVend will hold on your credit card. This is the same way gas stations work when swiping at a gas pump.


Why is my bank account showing a five dollar charge and how long will it be there?

Every time you swipe your card, a hold will be placed on the card. The hold will be equivalent to your authorization amount.

The hold time depends on your bank account, card network and if it is a debit or a credit card. The national average is about two business days for debit cards.

You will not receive the hold amount, only the finalized amount. There are instructions below about how to confirm the finalized amount for any operator with Heartland.


How can I change or set my authorization amount?

There are two ways you can change or set the authorization amount:

1. You can set the default authorization amount for all new machines.

2. You can update each machine individually.


1. Set the Default Authorization Amount for all new Machines:

a. Log into AVLive.

b. Click on My Company in the Navigation bar.

c. Select Company Info from the drop-down menu.

My Company Dropdown Company Info.png

d.  Expand the Settings tab.

e. Update the authorization amount in the Authorization Amount field.  

f. Click Save Changes.

Auth amount.PNG

Note: This will not change any existing machines authorization amount, only the new machines will be changed.


2. Update each Machine Individually:

a. Click on the name of the machine that you want to update in the Name column.

b. Expand the Settings tab.

c. Update the authorization amount in the Authorization Amount field.

Auth amount mach.PNG

d. Click Save.


How can I check the finalized amount (Heartland)?

1. Get the first six digits of the credit card or the last six digits of the credit card. 

2. Click on the Reports drop-down menu.

3. Select the Heartland Transactions report.

Reports dropdown Heartland Transactions.PNG

4. In the Credit Card Mask column, is the first six digits and last four digits of the card number. You can identify a specific purchase and the amount at which it was finalized.


Transactions are processed in batches daily. If it has not been 24 hours since the purchase, it has probably not been batched yet.

Note: You will need to set the date and time (In the top, right corner) to view the purchase. The time will show the time the transaction was batched, not the time of the purchase.