ReadyTouch How to Add an MSR to ELO Kiosk


To add or replace the credit card reader (or MSR for Magnetic Strip Reader), you will need a Phillips head screwdriver.

  • Left side of ELO - Non encrypted Premium Payments Card (e.g., SoGo cards)
  • Right side of ELO - Encrypted Credit Card

1. Pry off the two plastic stickers hiding the screw holes. (You will need something sharp to pry off the plastic stickers.)

2. Remove the screws. To remove the MSR from the kiosk, push directly back and away from the screen.

3. Line up the new MSR and push in to connect it back onto the ELO. (The connector pins in the ELO port are placed off center so just match the MSR connector with pins in the ELO.)

4. Screw in the new screws. 


5. Replace stickers over the screw holes.