AV Live - Reports Overview


This article will review many of the different AV Live reports and their functionality.


Accessing the Reports Page

  1. Login to AVLive

  2. Select the Reports tab. A list of various types of reports will display.

    AVLive - Main Menu - Reports dropdown.PNG
  3. Select the type of report you would like to view, then select your filters. You can typically filter the reports by Start and End Dates, Levels, Groups, and Machines. If your report does have Groups, set this value to None, and if it does not have levels, set this value to 1

    AV Live - Report Settings.png
  4. Apply the filters and generate the report by selecting the Preview button at the bottom of the Filter settings sidebar. 

Export Report

Any report you generate can be exported and saved in a variety of file types.

  1. Click the Export icon.

  2. Select the file type for your report from the drop-down menu. Your report will automatically download.

  3. You can also print your report by selecting the Print icon.

    AV Live - Print Button.png


Types of Reports

Sales by Machine Report

The Sales by Machine Report will display all your sales for any or all of your individual machines. Cash sales will display first, credit sales second, Coupon sales third, and finally UserAccount sales from the 365Pay app. Read the article Sales by Machine Report to learn more. 


AVLIve - Reports - Sales By Machines Report Example.PNG


EFT Payments Report

The EFT Payments Report gives you a look into your disbursements each week. It shows each week’s digital income (from card sales and the 365Pay app), fees, and the final amount that would get deposited to your bank account. You can find more information on this report by reading the article AirVend - Heartland EFT Payments

Please note that sales shown for example on 4/4/2024 – 4/10/2024 will reflect the actual sales from 4/3/2024 – 4/9/2024. Sales are delayed a day due to processing times.


AVLive - EFT Report example.png


Item Movement Report

The Item Movement Report gives you the amount of each item that has been sold from any one of your machines.


AVLIve - Reports -Item Movement Report Example.PNG


Profitability Analysis Report

The Profitability Analysis Report gives you profit margins on each of your items according to your reported cost and retail. Learn more about this report by reading the article AVLive - Reports - Profitability Analysis Report.


AVLIve - Reports - Profitablity Analysis Report Example.PNG


Refill Report

The Refill Report gives you the amount of each item you will need to refill your machine to par levels (maximum levels). There is a refill report that is based on Par levels you set, as well as one based off your sales data. To see more about the Refill Report and learn more about par levels, visit the article AV Live - Reports - Refill Report


AVLIve - Reports - Refill Report Example.PNG


Failed Vends Report

The Failed Vends Report will keep a list of all failed vends that were reported to AVLive. Failed vends may work in many different ways. This depends entirely on how your vending machine manufacturer designed failed vends.

Here are some possibilities, although not a full list, and there may be more possibilities. 

  • Coil fails to spin
  • Item fails to drop
  • Item gets stuck

Your vending machine may have actually dispensed an item. For more information, contact your manufacturer. 


AVLIve - Reports - Failed vends report example.png


Heartland Report

The Heartland Transaction Report will show your individual transactions. You can get the last four digits or the first six digits of the credit card to identify the purchase. This can be helpful to verify exactly what a customer was charged, and can be useful if customers claim they’re being charged the preauthorization amount. Sales may take two days to show in this report, as it only shows processed transactions. You can learn more about the Heartland Report by visiting the article AVLive - Reports - Heartland Transaction Report.

If the transaction has a discrepancy, it will show up in red. Report it to AV Live support at or call (888) 321-9601.


AVLIve - Reports - Heartland Transactions Report example.png