Delta SkyMiles: How to Add a Tip

To add a tip using the Delta Point-of-Sale, follow these steps:

  1. Add item(s) to the cart.

  2. Select Send.

  3. Select Pay.


  4. If the order is 0.00 and customer the consumer wants to leave a tip, go to the Payment screen and swipe a credit card. A pre-authorization will be processed. Touch TIP & CLOSE.


  5. The Server should touch PREAUTH-ACCEP, in the Payment section on the left.

  6. Enter the tip amount and touch SAVE TIP.


  7. Confirm that the PREAUTH-ACCEP is still selected, then choose CLOSE.

  8. If multiple payments are used, such as credit card, coupon or Amex coupon, always confirm that the credit card payment method is selected to Tip & Close.

Note: If the AMEXCOUPON is selected, an error will appear displaying message “Cannot add tip for this”.