Delta SkyMiles Infinite Tab M iPAD - Troubleshooting Scanner/Swipe

If your Delta SkyMiles iPAD is not working correctly, you may need to check the compatibility of the barcode scanner and card swipe with the IOS currently running on the iPAD.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Swipe to the right and find the folder labeled Misc.

  2. Open the App Store application.

  3. Go to the following Infinite Peripherals app: or type in Infinite Peripherals in the Search bar.

  4. This IPC Support app allows you to test the barcode scanner and the card swipe. It replaces the “Test Swipe and Infinite Settings” app previously loaded on the iPAD.


  5. Download the app to your iPAD, using your Apple ID and password or create an Apple ID and password for your location.

Test the Delta SkyMiles iPAD device to be sure it functions correctly.