What Version is my NanoMarket Running?


NanoMarket running v2.2.0 and newer are now be able to check for and update their main market app automatically. When the NanoMarket has an active internet connection, the app will check every eight hours for a new update.  To determine what version of the NanoMarket software your NanoMarket is running, someone needs to be physically at the NanoMarket.


 Determining the Version

  1. Tap the logo at the top, left corner of the NanoMarket five times.

  2. It will open the screen shown below. Notice the red rectangle at the top, right.

  3. When you have noted the version, tap the Close button to go back to the NanoMarket Home page.



Configure Release Channel and Enable Beta Testing

There is new functionality in ADM that called the Release Channel. It allows you to choose if you want to use the latest Production Version of the NanoMarket software, or enable test versions to see upcoming features sooner.