Delta SkyMiles: How to Charge the iPAD Mini


To get a full charge, keep the Delta SkyClub iPAD mini plugged into the power source. Complete the following steps to charge the device and troubleshoot for the iPAD and card reader if it is not charging.

1.  Plug the power source into the iPad mini in the case. If a green light goes on, the MSR ("Magnetic Strip Reader" or Card Reader) & iPad mini are being charged. Nothing further is needed.

2.  Every night plug the iPad mini into the power source.


3.  If a green light does not go on, carefully open the iPad mini case.

4.  Lift the iPad & MSR out of the case.


5. Take the dongle off and plug the power source directly into the MSR. If the green light goes on, then the problem is the dongle.


6. Each night, pop the corner of the iPad case open and insert the power cord into the MSR.

Note: The power cord needs to have the smaller side up to plug in correctly. Confirm that the green light comes on.

7. If you remove the iPad from the case and take the dongle off, you can plug in the power source directly to the MSR. If a green light does not go on, there is a problem with the MSR. Contact 365 Support for further assistance.