Connecting an AirVend Device to WiFi

How to connect your AirVend to a WiFi network

If your AirVend is unable to establish a stable connection through the Verizon Data Network, you can connect the AirVend to the internet through a local WiFi network.


Open AirVend Settings


When your AirVend shows that it is unable to connect through the Verizon Network, select the Show Desktop checkbox.

If you have already assigned your AirVend to your account, you can access the settings as follows:

  1. Click Contact Us.

  2. Click Login.

  3. Enter your Username and Password.
  4. Swipe up on the screen.

  5. Select the Show Desktop checkbox. 


Turn On WiFi


At the top of the Settings menu, you will see the WiFi option.  

  1. Slide the bar to to the ON position.

  2. Click on the word Wi-Fi.


Select WiFi Network


After a few seconds a list of nearby WiFi networks will populate the screen.  Select the network you want to connect to. It will most likely prompt you to enter in the network password.

Note: Be sure that below the WiFi Network, it displays Connected.


Return to AirVend App


When your AirVend unit is connected to the WiFi network, return to the AirVend App as follows:

  1. Click the Home button.

  2. Select AirVend from the drop-down menu.

  3. Press Just once.


AirVend is Connected


You will know your AirVend is connected to the internet when it prompts you to log in with your Username and Password.