Legacy MicroMarket Information - 3 documents

Legacy MicroMarkets uses our Legacy Point-of-Sale software (aka "Valet") to allow consumers to make unattended, self service purchases. Legacy kiosks feature a two-sided credit card reader, recessed fingerprint scanner, and 3D barcode scanner. The Gen3c kiosk also features a detachable MEI bill validator and receipt printer contained in a modular XP (Expansion) Unit. Learn more about the Legacy MicroMarket and download attahced documents and images. 

Legacy MicoMarket Information.pdf
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Legacy Gen3c Sideview.png
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Legacy Gen3 Sideview.png
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Legacy Gen3c Front.png
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Legacy Gen3 Front.png
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Gen3 Kiosk Setup Guide.pdf
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365 Kiosk User Manual.pdf
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Gen3 & Gen3c Service Guide.pdf
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Gen2 Kiosk Swivel Base Installation.pdf
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Express Wall Mount Installation Guide.pdf
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