365Inside Spec Sheet

The 365Inside is an affordable plug and play vending device with real-time telemetry. This device offers a Bluetooth connection from the 365Pay app, allowing consumers to make purchases from their Global Market Account using 365Pay.  Download the product overview to learn more.


Hardware Specifications

Item Specification
CPU Freescale IMX233
Storage 4GB SD Card
Memory 512 MB
WIFI 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0
Power Input Source Input power provided by Vending Machine and range from 12V to 36V
External IO Ports 1. USB 2.0 Host (4x)
2. Five Pin Connector (MDB)
3. Six Pin Connector DEX
Button Keys Power ON/OFF Reset (Pin access)
Software Versions Linux Kernel – 3.0.35



Length – 5”

Width – 3.75”

Depth – .75”