AirVend Startup Guide - Step 3: Product List


 Create your Custom Products List


1. To access your products list, select Products from the My Company drop-down menu.


Find Existing Products in the AirVend Database


Click the Add Product button to access AirVend's extensive product database. Rather than creating planograms based off of thousands of products in our database, create your own custom list of the products that you sell. You can always edit your list as you make new products available or discontinue using others..


Search and Add Products from AirVend Database



1.  Enter either the UPC code or the product name into the Search field to search from thousands of products.

2. When you identify the product you want to add to your list, enter your cost (not retail price),

3. Click the Add button to add it into your products list.

If you can't find the product you're looking for? Check out the next step for help.


Add New Product from Scratch


You can always create a new product from scratch.

1. Go back to the My Products List view.

2. Click the Create Product button.



Create Your Product


1. Enter the product detail information.

2. Add an image.

a. Search Google images or other online resources to find a product image.

b. Save it to your computer and upload it here.

3. Click the Create button at the bottom of the page when you are done.

Note: Products added by our customers go through an internal approval process and are then added to AirVend's database of products, making them available to all AirVend users.