AirVend Startup Guide - Step 1: Company Settings


1. Click on the My Company tab.

2. Select Company Info from the drop-down menu.

MyCompany dropdown.PNG


Edit Company Info

Company Info.PNG

Typically, your basic information is pre-populated by Onboarding Staff, but you can edit your company information.


Custom Header & "Inherited" Machine Settings

AirVend -  remove FTP Browse header.png

You can customize the Header shown on the AirVend and PicoVend screen. Contact for approval of your images.

Note: Custom Headers are not supported for the PicoVend Mini or Payplus.

You can also adjust machine settings at the company level. The settings you establish will automatically be inherited by each new machine you create. You can always edit individual machines from their original inherited settings. See the Machine Settings article for more information about what these settings are.

Note: Machines you've already created do not re-inherit company level settings if you change them later.