Video: NanoMarket™ Inventory App

Inventory on the NanoMarket can be done by authorized Operators, Drivers, and those with custom roles that are set up to access the Setup App. Authorized users must sign-into the Setup App once with their full credentials (email and password). After that, the NanoMarket will remember them and they will only need their PIN to access the Setup App. Learn more about creating accounts in ADM


To access the Inventory App on the NanoMarket, sign into the Setup App, and follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Setup App.
  2. Go to Testing and Tools.
  3. Press the Manage Inventory button.
  4. Authorized users will be pre-signed into the Inventory App to perform the inventory. This app should look and function just like the handheld version of the new Mobile Inventory App.


This is an instructional video walking users through the steps to access and setup the NanoMarket™ Inventory App.