Video: How to Replace the Gen3 & Gen3c Router


Learn how to access and replace the router on the Gen3 & Gen3c MicroMarket.



Follow the steps in the provided video, or find the written instructions below. 

  1. If access to the back side of the unit is limited, remove the four screws which hold the stand to the countertop and turn the unit around

  2. Locate the router access panel on the back of the stand which has two large access holes

  3. Use a Philips head screwdriver and find the screw head, loosen both screws two turns

  4. Now the router access panel can be removed by moving it upward

  5. Disconnect all cables from the router

  6. Slide the router upward out of the router cavity

  7. Now a new router or additional network cables can be installed

  8. Follow the steps in reverse order to re-assemble the unit