NanoMarket™ Card Reader - Troubleshooting


If your NanoMarket™ is not accepting credit cards, there are several steps you can take to restore functionality to the device. This article will guide you through configuring and testing the NanoMarket, and monitoring performance in ADM.



  • NanoMarket
  • ADM access (for Reporting only)





Testing the Card Reader

The Testing & Tools screen is used to determine if the card reader on the NanoMarket™ is properly reading swipes. 

Image1.PNG Image2.PNG

Testing & Tools

  1. Tap the logo in the top, left corner five times.

  2. Enter the Exit Code to access the NanoMarket™ Setup Utility.

  3. Select Testing & Tools.

  4. Tap Test Card Reader.

  5. Swipe a valid credit card that you know works, when prompted.

  6. If the test is successful, the card reader is functioning as expected.

  7. If the test fails:
       a. Restart the NanoMarket™ by tapping Back on the screen.
       b. Select Reboot from the Testing & Tools menu. 

8. When the device has finished rebooting, return to the Setup Utility by completing steps one through six again. If a valid credit card continues to fail the test, contact 365 Support at (888) 365-6282 for assistance. 


Report Monitoring in ADM

ADM has several convenient reports to monitor credit card activity for a NanoMarket™. If a location is consistently making card sales, that is a great indicator that the card reader is working properly. The Sold Details Report and Cash Flow can be sorted and filtered to monitor only credit transactions.

Additionally, the Credit Transaction Log shows a complete list of all card transactions performed on a NanoMarket™.