Cipherlab RS30 Handheld Scanner Troubleshooting


This article will show you how to configure and test the Cipherlab RS30 mobile inventory scanner and how to troubleshoot common issues. 

The Cipherlab RS30 is an Android-based mobile device used to process inventory in Smart Inventory or V5 Mobile Inventory.


Cipherlab RS30
Compatible with all 365 Technology
• Cipherlab RS30
• SmartInventory or Mobile Inventory



Featured Applications

365 INVENTORY - Access Smart Inventory or V5 Mobile Inventory in Google Chrome with an easy Home screen shortcut.

READERCONFIG - Configure preferences, data output, and test the barcode scanner.

QUICKSUPPORT - Allow 365 Support remote access using TeamViewer, for help when you need it.

SOFTWARE TRIGGER - Activate the barcode scanner with a convenient on-screen app.


Troubleshooting: Scanner Fails to Light Up

Scanner Freezes-Small.png

When you press the yellow scan trigger buttons on the side of the device or when you are using the SoftwareTrigger app, the scanner should illuminate. If the scanner fails to light up prompted, restart the device and test the scanner again.



Troubleshooting: Scanner beeps, but fails to scan items

Incorrect keyboard settings can cause items to fail to scan into Smart Inventory or Mobile Inventory. The keyboard settings are configured from the Device Settings, and from the ReaderConfig app.


Device Settings

1. Go to Home -> Apps -> Settings -> Language & Input.

2. Tap Default to choose a default keyboard.

3. In the Choose Input Method menu, select CipherConnect Pro.

4. Restart the device by pressing the Power button on the side. When the scanner has restarted, complete the following steps to change the keyboard emulation.


ReaderConfig App

1. Go to Home -> Apps -> ReaderConfig -> Data Output.

2. Select Keyboard Emulation.

3. Choose the InputMethod option.

4. Select Auto Enter.

5. Choose the Decoded data + Enter char option.


Troubleshooting: Scanner Freezes During Inventory

The Cipherlab device can experience freezing or slow operation during inventory if items are scanned too quickly. To avoid freezing, scan an item and enter the quantity in Smart or Mobile Inventory, as opposed to scanning an item multiple times.


Testing the Scanner

The Cipherlab scanner can be tested for functionality using the ReaderConfig application, and any text field on the device (such as the Google Search bar on the Home screen). With the correct Keyboard and Input settings, the Cipherlab scanner should be able scan any item, and print the UPC bar code in any text field on the device.


A. Test Scan in ReaderConfig

1. Go to Home -> Apps -> ReaderConfig.

2. Tap the three dots in the top, right corner.

3. Select Scan Test.

4. Scan several bar codes. Each UPC should match the printed label, and should list directly underneath the previously scanned item.


B. Test Scan in Google

1. Go to Home.

2. Tap the Google Search bar on the Home screen.

3. Scan an item. The UPC bar code should print in the search bar and automatically initiate a Google search for the item. 


Cipherlabscanners may disconnect from Wi-Fi and show "No internet" within a few minutes of connecting to a network. If after verifying that there is a valid network connection at the location, and that other devices connected to the network are working, the Cache Partition may need to be cleared on the device. Complete the following steps below:

  1. Press and hold the Power and Volume Up keys until the device boots.
  2. The fastboot menu will appear. Select Recovery Mode using Volume Up key, then select Enter using the Volume Down key.
  3. The No Command screen will appear. Press Power and Volume Up together once to see menu.
  4. Select Clear Cache Partition and run.
  5. Select Power Off.
  6. Once powered off, remove the battery from the device for 15 seconds
  7. Turn the Cipherlab Scanner back on to power on the device normally. Try connecting to wi-fi once more.


Remote Support

Cipherlabs RS30 devices are equipped with QuickSupport, which is an app that allows access to the device through TeamViewer. During a call with 365 Support, the Technical Support Specialist may ask for the ID code generated by the app to access the device. To generate a PartnerID, complete the following steps:

1. Call 365 Support at (888) 365-6282 and explain the issue you are experiencing to a Technical Support Specialist.

2. When directed by 365 Support, go to Home -> QuickSupport.

3. Provide the 9-digit ID to 365 Support (including spaces).

4. 365 Support will then have remote access to the device.


Factory Reset/Update Code

If an operator calls stating that when they updated their Cipherlab it requests an input code or when factory resetting the device, the code is 23058518.