Dell Sound Bar - Troubleshooting

DELL Sound Bar:

Gen1, Gen2, Gen3, Gen3c, and V5 MicroMarkets



Phillips-Head Screwdriver

Cell Phone or Laptop with Headphone Jack



This internal article is a guide for 365 Support agents troubleshooting issues with the sound bar on a 365 kiosk. 

The sound bar in 365 MicroMarkets makes it easy to adjust the volume of check-out sounds and narration. This article discusses how to test the ports and audio jack on your MicroMarket and troubleshoot when the kiosk is not producing sound. 


Common Issues

There are no drivers or software for the kiosk sound bar. When investigating an issue with the kiosk sound:

  1. Log into the Admin side of the kiosk.

  2. Verify that the volume control is set to 100%.

  3. Retest the volume after this has been checked.

Remember that even if you can hear the checkout sounds, this does not mean the operator can, as you are hearing the sound through your speakers. 


Testing Sound on a Kiosk

Gen3, Gen3c, V5 MicroMarkets, MM6, and MM6 Mini

The volume knob is located on the right side of the kiosk. You do not need to open the kiosk to access the volume knob. Adjust the volume by turning the outside knob. When completed, scan an item on the kiosk to verify that the sound is at the desired volume.

Gen1 and Gen2 MicroMarkets

The volume control knob is located inside the kiosk. Open the kiosk by removing the screws and locate the soundbar. Adjust the volume to the desired level and test by scanning an item to verify that the sound is at the desired level.


Video: How to Replace the Sound Bar


Troubleshooting: Kiosk Has No Sound

If the kiosk has no sound during checkout, complete the steps below to test the functionality of the soundbar. 


Gen1, Gen2, Gen3, and Gen3c MicroMarkets

  1. Locate the speaker volume control knob as described in the steps above. Be sure the volume knob is turned up.

  2. Verify that the device is getting power by checking that the sound bar is plugged into the power strip located inside the kiosk. Gen3 and Gen3c MicroMarkets will also have a white light in the center of the device when receiving power.

  3. Make sure the green connector (3.5mm auxiliary cord) is properly seated to the audio port on the kiosk computer.

  4. Test the auxiliary cable by plugging it into a cell phone or laptop with an audio jack. Play a song or video on the device to verify that the audio comes out of the soundbar.  

  5. If the steps above do not produce sound, test the kiosk computer's audio port by plugging in a pair of working headphones and scanning an item in the point-of-sale software. When completing this step, make sure the kiosk volume knob is not at a high level to avoid hearing damage.

If none of these steps correct the issue, the kiosk computer may be muted or there may be a hardware issue with the device. Contact 365 Support at 888.365.6282 for further assistance.

V5 MicroMarkets

The V5 MicroMarkets were designed to be used without narration or voice prompts. The MicroMarket will only produce sound with certain actions, such as a successful purchase.


RARE: Audio Does Not Work After Installing Touchscreen

In August 2017, there was an issue causing the audio output to default to the ELO touchscreen. This was corrected in the 365 kiosk image. If the issue is encountered in the future, here are the steps to correct it.

  1. Install the touchscreen to the kiosk CPU using an HDMI cable.

  2. Power cycle the kiosk.

  3. Remote into the kiosk using LogMeIn.

  4. Sign into the Admin User account.

  5. Open the Windows Control Panel.

  6. Select Sound. Under Playback Devices, the ELO Speakers will be set as default.

  7. Right-click and select Disable.

  8. After disabling, the sound bar speakers will be the default device and audio will now be properly heard on the kiosk.