Zebra Receipt Printer: Troubleshooting

Zebra Printers are used to print customer receipts in Gen1 and Gen2 MicroMarkets. Learn troubleshooting and maintenance tips, find answers to common questions, and watch our instructional video below.

Zebra Receipt Printer:
Gen2 MicroMarkets

• Phillips-Head Screwdriver
• Key to Kiosk Door
• Cotton Swab
• Ethyl or Isopropyl Alcohol

How to Replace Receipt Paper

Note: When changing the receipt paper, the printer queue must be cleared on the kiosk. Contact 365 Support while on site at the location, so the queue may be cleared.

When replacing paper or if receipts print without text, ensure that the correct paper is being used by doing a "scratch test". Thermal paper will always show black when the top is scratched with a coin or fingernail. Always tear a full turn of paper off the new paper rolls because the outer edge of the paper is fixed to the roll with an adhesive glue that might otherwise cause a jam or damage to the print head. 

If the correct paper is being used, confirm that the paper is seated properly. The roll should feed on top and out of the machine rather than under. Ensure that the paper is inserted into the printer with the temperature-sensitive side up. 


Cleaning the Zebra Printer

Print Head

The print head can be cleaned without removal.

1. Remove the power from the printer and allow the print head to cool.

2. Open the print head.

3. Clean the heat elements with a cotton swab immersed in ethyl or isopropyl alcohol. Zebra recommends using a clean swab dipped in a solution of isopropyl alcohol (minimum 90%) and deionized water (maximum 10%).


Presenter and Plate Rollers

The presenter rollers feed out the receipt paper to the customer, and should be cleaned regularly to maintain optimal performance. Use a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol and wipe the rollers clean while rotating them with your finger.


TROUBLESHOOTING: Printer Light Status Codes

 Many of the hardware issues experienced by the Zebra printer are self-reported using a series of light codes. Immediately after power is applied to the printer, a brief self test is performed and the status light will report one of the following conditions. Check the status light on the printer and use the steps outlined below to diagnose and correct the issue.

Light Code

Reason and Steps To Correct

Solid Green

Normal. Printer is functioning normally. This code is reported when no other codes are active

One Red Flash

Paper jam This code indicates that media(paper) is stuck in the presenter. This error is set when the printer attempts to eject the media but cannot complete the operation.

  • Completely remove the paper from the printer by opening the print head by pressing the green release lever at the rear of the printer.
  • Remove the paper spool from the printer.
  • Gently lift the green bar and remove any ripped paper or other debris from the paper feed path. Close the print head by giving a light press to the print head against the printer. You will hear/feel a distinct click when you have properly closed the print head door.

Two Red Flashes

Cutter Jam. This code indicates that the printer could not find the cutter blade or could not properly manage its position. The error is set when the printer attempts to cut but fails after three retries. 

  1. Locate the printer power cable on the power strip located on the bottom or right side of the kiosk cabinet. Unplug the power cable from the power strip and ensure the lights (most likely red) on the side of the printer turn off completely.

  2. After 5 seconds of idle time, plug the printer power back into the power strip. The printer lights should illuminate once again, and you should hear the printer making a paper feed noise. The lights on the side of the printer may be red or flashing green. This error should be cleared by cycling the power off and on.

Three Red Flashes

Out of paper. This code indicates that the selected EOP sensor has detected no media present. This error is cleared after successful media (paper) load. Add more paper or verify the paper is loaded correctly using How To Replace Receipt Paper steps above. 

Four Red Flashes

Print head lifted. This code indicates that the print head has been lifted. This error is cleared by returning the print head to its locked position. You will hear/feel a distinct click when you have properly closed the print head door.

Five Red Flashes

Paper feed error.  This code indicates that the paper failed to reach the presenter sensor within the expected amount of time. The error is signaled if the media does not reach the presenter sensor after feeding the length from the cuter to the sensor plus 15mm. This error is cleared by opening and closing the print head, or by cycling power off and on. 

Yellow Flashing                                  

Print head temperature error. This code indicates that the print head has exceeded the maximum permitted temperature. This status code is set when the print head temperature exceeds 65° C (149° F). When this condition occurs, the printer feeds 100mm (4 inches) of blank media, cuts, and presents. This error is cleared automatically when the print head temperature falls below 55° C (131° F). 

Rapid Amber Flashing

Firmware missing or corrupt. This code indicates that the bootware has detected an incorrect or missing checksum in the firmware. This error is cleared when the firmware is reloaded or updated. Contact 365 for further assistance. 


TROUBLESHOOTING: Printing a Test Receipt

A test receipt can be quickly printed from the Point of Sale settings screen. 

Important: The following steps will require a valid kiosk account and kiosk PIN to be created on SmartHQ and enabled with the Settings permission. To request a kiosk user account, contact your management team. Read more at Managing Kiosk Users - Technicians & Drivers. If you are unauthorized to have a kiosk user account with your organization, please contact us while on site to complete the steps over the phone with a 365 Technical Support Specialist. 

  1. From the kiosk home screen, tap the top, left corner five times. A window will appear and prompt you for your Exit Code.

  2. Enter the Kiosk PIN for the Kiosk User account on SmartHQ.

  3. Select Kiosk Settings from the drop-down menu.

  4. Select Receipt Printer from the Select A Peripheral drop-down menu.

  5. Select Print Test Receipt


Other Common Questions

The receipt printer should be maintained on a regular basis to keep receipts printing as expected in a MicroMarket. Find the answers needed to commonly asked support questions below.


How do I make the print text darker?
Light print text may mean the incorrect paper was used, or the print head may be dirty. Verify the paper used is correct and clean the print head with ethyl or isopropyl alcohol as noted above. If the print still appears faint, the text on receipts may be additionally darkened using the printer software installed on the kiosk. If this is required, contact 365 Support for further assistance.


How do I update the text or image on a receipt?
The text and image can be updated on the receipts printed on the kiosk by 365 Support.  


How do I order new receipt paper?
New receipt paper may be ordered directly from our sales team at