How to Change Receipt Paper

For Zebra Printer and Gen2 MicroMarkets

Always contact 365 Support at (888) 365-6282 to clear the print queue and restart the print spooler services on the kiosk

Be sure that the paper is inserted into the printer with the temperature-sensitive side up. Always tear a full turn of paper off the new paper rolls because the outer edge of the paper is fixed to the roll with an adhesive glue that might otherwise cause a jam or damage to the print head. 


Paper Jam / Out of Paper

  1. Completely remove the paper from the printer by opening the green plastic printhead and removing the paper spool from the printer.

  2. Gently lift the green bar and remove any ripped paper or other debris from the paper feed path. Close the printhead by giving a light press to the printhead against the printer. You will hear or feel a distinct click when you have properly closed the printhead door.

  3. Install the paper roll into the printer by sliding the paper roll onto the green printer arm.

A. Make sure to slide the paper roll all the way over so that the paper spindle is not caught on the lip of the green printer arm.

B. Scratch the top of the paper with your fingernail to ensure it leaves a mark on the thermal side. The paper should feed OVER the paper roll with the thermal side UP.  

C. When you have installed the paper spindle onto the green printer arm, unroll 8 to 10 inches of paper. The beginning of a paper roll typically has glue and/or dirt on it which may damage the printer. Tear three to four inches of the paper off the roll making sure that the paper end is at a 90 degree angle.

D. Feed the clean, 90 degree torn paper roll into the printer, between the printhead and printer. When fed correctly, the printer should grab the paper and eject a small slip of paper to acknowledge the paper has been loaded correctly. A solid green indicator light on the side of the printer will confirm the printer is online and operational.


Paper Jam

  1. Open the printhead by pressing the green release lever toward the rear of the printer.

  2. Remove any stuck paper and close the printhead.