ADM Locating Transactions & Printing Receipts


The ADM Transaction Search allows you, as an administrator, to locate any transaction completed at a V5 MicroMarket, NanoMarket, or ReadyTouch dining system. You can review details of a transaction and print receipts.


Transaction Search

1. Click on the Admin tab in the ADM Navigation bar.

2. Select Transaction to access the Transaction Search.

3. Enter the search criteria in the Search field. You can find a specific transaction by searching for the:

  • Last four digits of the credit card
  • Customer name
  • Product
  • All transactions - by leaving the field blank

4. Specify a Date range and Location.

5. Click the Find button to begin the search.

6. The transaction search will display a list of results. Hover over the transaction ID (e.g., tab2164-1185) to preview the transaction.


7. Click the transaction to see a detail view of the transaction.

8. To reprint a PDF version of the receipt, select Print Receipt in the top, left corner of the Transaction Search page.