Epson Printer - Troubleshooting and Common Questions


Epson Printers are used to print customer receipts in Gen3c and V5 MicroMarkets. This article will provide maintenance tips and answers to common questions. Watch our instructional video on Removing and Replacing the Printer for Service at the end of this article.

Epson Receipt Printer:
Gen3c, MM6, and V5 MicroMarkets



  • Phillips-Head Screwdriver
  • Key to XP (Expansion) Unit (dependent on device)



Impact Printer Physical Setup

  1. Place the printer in a convenient location near the expo or line cook

  2. Plug in the power adaptor, which is hidden in a little hollow area against the side of the case. This cable is roughly 6ft long and needs to be plugged into a 120v grounded electrical outlet.
  3. Plug the network data cable into an Ethernet jack. The Ethernet jack must be connected to the router.
  4. Refer to the printer documentation for inserting and changing the paper


Common Questions

The receipt printer should be maintained on a regular basis to keep receipts printing as expected in a MicroMarket. Find the commonly asked support questions below.


How do I replace the receipt paper?

Note: When changing the receipt paper, the printer queue must be cleared on the kiosk. Contact 365 Support while on-site at the location so the queue can be cleared.

When replacing paper or if receipts print without text, be sure that the correct paper is being used by doing a "scratch test". Thermal paper will always show black when the top is scratched with a coin or fingernail. Always tear a full turn of paper off the new paper rolls because the outer edge of the paper is fused to the roll with an adhesive glue that might otherwise cause a jam or damage to the print head. 

If the correct paper is being used, confirm that the paper is seated properly. The roll should feed on top and out of the machine rather than under. Be sure that the paper is inserted into the printer with the temperature-sensitive side up. 


How do I clean the inside of the printer?

The roller wheels and sensors inside the printer can become dusty, impacting the performance and ability to correctly feed paper. Use a can of condensed air or a soft microfiber cloth to remove any fine dust particles that may be covering the wheels or obscuring the sensors inside the printer.

How do I make the text printed darker?

Text on receipts can be darkened by the printer software installed on the kiosk. If receipts are printing lighter than desired, contact 365 Support for further assistance.

How do I update the text or image on a receipt?

The text and image can be updated on the receipts printed on the kiosk by 365 Support.  

How do I order new receipt paper

New receipt paper can be ordered directly from our sales team at


Troubleshooting - Receipts not Printing

If the Epson receipt printer does not print customer receipts, the printer may not be receiving power or is disconnected from the kiosk. To verify the cabling, complete the steps below.

Step One - Is the receipt printer powered on?

  1. The Epson printer is located inside the expansion (XP) module. Open the XP module using the key.

  2. Press the Manual Feed button on the front of the printer. If the paper feeds successfully, the device is receiving power.

  3. Verify that the Power button, on the front of the printer, is lit up. If no lights are visible, trace the white cable coming from the back of the printer to be sure it is securely in place.

  4. Check the surge protector at the bottom of the Module behind the printer. Verify that the surge protector is powered on.

  5. If the receipt printer still does not power on, contact 365 Support for further assistance.

Step Two - Is the receipt printer connected to the kiosk computer?

  1. The printer will connect from the XP module to the G3 kiosk using a USB cable. Verify both connections.

  2. The USB will connect to a USB coupler on the side of the G3 kiosk, and the coupler will connect to a USB port on the PC inside the kiosk. Check each connection to be sure it is properly seated.
    Note: A live wire connects the device to the XP Module, which may spark when connecting. Please exercise caution when reseating this cable.

  3. After reseating the cabling, restart the kiosk and attempt to print again. If the printer still does not print after checking the connections, contact 365 Support while on site for further assistance.


Printing a Test Receipt

Gen3c MicroMarkets

Important: To perform this test, you will need to have a valid kiosk account and kiosk PIN created in SmartHQ and enabled with the Settings permission. To request a kiosk user account, contact your management team. Read more at Managing Kiosk Users - Technicians & Drivers. If you are not authorized to have a kiosk user account with your organization, contact us while on-site to complete the steps over the phone with a 365 Technical Support Specialist. 

Valet-Test Printer(Small).png

A test receipt can be quickly printed from the Point of Sale settings screen. 

  1. From the kiosk Home screen, tap the top, left corner five times. A window will appear and prompt you for your Exit Code.

  2. Enter the Kiosk PIN for the Kiosk User account in SmartHQ.

  3. Select Kiosk Settings from the drop-down menu.

  4. Select Receipt Printer from the Select A Peripheral drop-down menu.

  5. Select Print Test Receipt


VIDEO - Removing and Replacing the Printer for Service

Check out our instructional video that shows how to remove the receipt printer from the XP Unit.