Fingerprint Reader Installation and Troubleshooting


Inquiries regarding the functionality of the fingerprint reader are generally related to either how the device is connected to the kiosk's CPU or how the device has been cared for and used over time. This article covers installing, testing, and disabling the fingerprint reader. It also provides helpful suggestions on what to check when the reader is not working at a kiosk.



Compatible with 

  • Gen2
  • Gen3
  • Gen3c
  • MM6
  • V5 MicroMarkets



  • Phillips-Head Screwdriver
  • Lint-Free Cleaning Cloth
  • Cellophane Tape



The fingerprint reader can be easily removed for maintenance and replaced as needed. View our instructional video on how to connect the fingerprint reader on Gen3, Gen3c, or V5 MicroMarkets.

Testing the Reader

The fingerprint reader functionality can be tested by accessing an existing account or creating a new test account at a kiosk location. Complete the following Valet/Version 4 or V5 account setup steps to test the reader.

Image of manage account menu version 4


Gen2, Gen3, and Gen3c MicroMarkets

  1. Access the Manage Account menu in the bottom, right corner of the Point of Sale screen.

  2. Choose New Account.

  3. Complete the Unique ID, First Name, and Last Name fields.

  4. Tap the Thumbprint field.

  5. Scan the fingerprint four times. 

  6. Tap Save & Close.

  7. Return to the Manage Account menu.

  8. Select Existing Account and attempt to access the account using the fingerprint. The account should be successfully retrieved using the fingerprint.

  9. Try to retrieve the account a few times by repeating step six. 


V5 MicroMarkets

  1. Select Create Account from the kiosk Home screen.

  2. Select to create an account using email.

  3. Enter a test email address and PIN for the account.

  4. Confirm the PIN when prompted.

  5. Save the fingerprint to the associated test account.

  6. You will be prompted to scan your finger five times.

  7. Save the changes and return to the Home page. 

  8. Logout and attempt to access the test account a few times using your fingerprint.


Disabling the Fingerprint Reader

Physical Connection - If an operator requests that a fingerprint reader be disabled at a location, the reader can be physically disconnected from the kiosk computer in all serviceable MicroMarkets.  Follow the instructions in the "Replacing the Fingerprint Scanner" video above.

On-Screen Options - The fingerprint on-screen option can be removed in V5 MicroMarkets by contacting 365 Support at (888) 365-6282.

For Gen2, Gen3, and Gen3c MicroMarkets, the fingerprint options currently cannot be completely removed from the Point of Sale account options. A cover may be placed over the reader to prevent customers from attempting to use it.



Issue - Reader Not Illuminated

If the fingerprint reader has power, the device should be illuminated with a blue light. If there is no light, the fingerprint reader may not be connected to the kiosk computer.

  1. Open the kiosk using a Phillips Head screwdriver and follow the USB connection from the fingerprint reader to the kiosk computer (CPU).

  2. Verify that the device is connected to the kiosk computer. Try reseating the cable and switching the device to another USB port.

  3. If the device still shows as powered off, restart the kiosk and check it again to confirm that the light is on.

  4. If a light is still not visible, contact 365 Support at (888) 365-6282 for further assistance.

Issue - Reader Is Unresponsive

When a finger is pressed against the reader, the illuminated lights should change from blue to red. If the reader is unresponsive when a finger is placed over the sensor, the silicone on the reader may be dirty or damaged.

  • Reader Needs Cleaning - The silicone used over the reader is prone to absorbing chemicals and oils on skin. Clean the reader following Cleaning Instructions for Multiple Devices. If the reader is unresponsive after cleaning, contact 365 Support at (888) 365-6282 for further assistance.

  • Reader is Damaged - Inspect the silicone for any cuts, gouges, or cloudiness. If the silicone has been damaged, the reader may need to be replaced. Contact 365 Support at (888) 365-6282 for further assistance.

Issue - User Unable to Access Account with Fingerprint

Occasionally, some customers may experience difficulty accessing their accounts using their fingerprint, even when the kiosk has a clean and functioning fingerprint reader. This may be due to the way the customer is using the reader, or due to their finger being wet, dirty, scarred, or even the unique structure of their finger. See Cleaning Instructions for Multiple Devices for more information on best practices, cleaning, and alternative authentication methods.