Configuring REVO DVR Settings


The REVO DVR system allows you to monitor your market 24/7. The following article will guide you through configuring the REVO DVR device and network settings.

Quick Start Wizard

The Setup Wizard is the easy way to configure the basic DVR settings, including date, time, and recording method preferences. To access the Wizard, complete the steps below.



Step 1: System Setup

1. Select the Setup button on the Settings Panel from the Home screen on the DVR Monitor. (If the Settings Panel is not visible by default, press Menu on the DVR remote or move the USB connected mouse to expand it.)

2. Select System (highlighted by default) in the top, left corner to continue.



Step 2: Quick Start

1. Enter the location name in the Site field on the System Setup Screen. This will become the title of the location in REVO Remote Pro.

Note: This is not the DVRNS name used for remote viewing and is only used to organize DVR feeds.

2. Select Wizard when you are done.

3. Select Quick Setup to begin.

4. Choose Next to continue.



Step 3: Date/Time

1. Enter the date and time settings for the kiosk location on the Date/Time Setup screen.

2. Select Next to continue.



Step 4: Record Method Setup 

This feature allows you to configure when the camera will capture footage. We recommend that you choose Motion Event Record. This setting configures the DVR to record only when motion is detected, saving space on the hard drive and making it easier to review footage when searching the playback feature.

Press Next to continue.



Step 5: Video Quality

1. Select your preferred recording quality on the Record Video Quality Setup screen. Below is a chart showing how each option changes the recorded footage. Choose one of the following. 

Motion Event Record Very High / Very High / 30 ips High / High / 5 ips Standard / Standard / 3 ips
Continuous & Motion Event Record Time, Event: Very High / Very High / 30 ips

Time: High / High / 5 ips

Event: Very High / Very

Time: Standard / Standard / 3 ips

Event: High / High / 5 ips

Continuous Record Very High / Very High / 30 ips High / High / 5 ips Standard / Standard / 3 ips


2. Select Next to continue.


Step 6: Save and Finish

You have now completed the Quick Setup. If you want to use your DVR in "offline mode" (which prevents remote access to the recorded footage), the setup of your DVR is complete!

Select Finish to exit the Quick Setup Wizard.

If you want to review the DVR footage remotely, complete the following Network Setup steps.


Network Setup

Recorded footage is always available to view locally when a monitor is connected to the DVR set-top box, but you must take a few additional steps to configure the device for remote viewing.

Select Go to Network Setup to continue to the Network Setup Wizard.



Step 7: Network Setup Wizard

The Revo Network Setup Wizard will guide you through the steps needed connect the DVR to the internet, specify port forwarding (UPnP) settings, and set up Revo EZLink.



Step 8: Internet Connection

The DVR screen will prompt to ask you if the DVR is connected to the internet. Before proceeding, be sure the DVR is connected to one of the LAN ports on the kiosk router.

1. When you have verified that the DVR is connected to the kiosk router, select Next to continue.

2. Select Auto Configuration from the drop-down menu.

3. Select Test to verify the internet connection. A check mark will appear next to each verified category.

4. When the test is successful, the Next button will become available. Select Next to continue.


Step 9: DVRNS Name

This part of the setup configures the name you will use to access your DVR remotely. Be sure that the box for Use EZLink is checked to automatically configure the DVR for remote viewing. When naming the DVR you may use letters, symbols and numbers, but it is case sensitive. We recommend using the name of the site or kiosk serial number.

1. Select Test to check the availability of the name.

2. Select Next to proceed when verified.



Step 10: REVO Dashboard

The remaining steps of the Network Setup wizard will guide you through the process of creating a REVO Dashboard account, or linking your DVR to an existing one. REVO Dashboard allows for free remote viewing from the REVO website using Internet Explorer.

  1. Select Next to setup a Dashboard account.

  2. If you  are creating a new account, make your selection and choose Next to continue registration.

  3. Create a User ID and password for your Dashboard account. Be sure to make note of these credentials, as they will be used to access the cameras remotely.

  4. Select Register/Add to register your Dashboard account with the chosen DVR Name.

  5. When the registration is complete, you should receive a confirmation message.

  6. Press OK, and then Finish to complete the setup.